The jewellery that carries a legacy
The jewellery that carries a legacy

The launch of Gaja Heritage in Kolkata substantiates the fact that heritage line of jewellery is coming back in vogue. The store flaunts its rich collection of handcrafted  heritage jewellery.  It is the third such store by the jewellery house---Shree Ganesh Jewellery House Ltd. The company plans to open more than 40 stores in various formats pan India in the next two to three years. To learn more about the opportunity offered by the heritage line of jewellery and the jewellery house, Vrinda Oberai decided to catch up with Sumona Parekh, Owner and Designer, Gaja Heritage.


Vrinda Oberai (VO): What is the USP of heritage jewellery offered by Gaja Heritage?


Sumana Parekh (SP): Our  designs  are  inspired  by  the  heirlooms  which  were  handed  down  from generation  to  generation.  Our  jewellery  not  only  depicts  the  rich  Bengali  culture  and  craftsmanship  of  that  time,  but  also  stands  testimony  to  the  golden  age  of  Bengal.  We  have  also  drawn  inspiration  from  different  iconic  times   around  the  world.  our  eye  for  detailing  has resulted  in  an  impeccable  product  range  that  is  attractive  and  yet  affordable.

The USP of the store remains to be Heritage jewellery and the very exclusive designs inspired from the age old Indus Valley Civilization.


VO:  Stores based on one particular line of jewellery are uncommon in India so how did the idea of launching Gaja Heritage germinate…do you see it as a concept/trend?


SP: We were inspired by the local artisans not only in the field of jewellery, but in all forms of art and craft. We also realised that the traditional wire filigree and plate work of Bengal is gradually dying out.  So we felt that this needed a special place to re-create itself and present itself in a more contemporary form.

Since Shree Ganesh Jewellery House has been in the business of fine gold and studded jewellery, it was but a natural step to create the store called – GAJA – Heritage.

VO: What is your target audience and who are your usual customers?


SP: Our target audience is the upper middle class, working women and anybody who have taste for fine jewellery. We welcome all upper strata of society, as well as who understand that sophisticated concepts and designs don’t have to hurt the pocket too much.


VO: What price range do you offer and how many outlets do you have?


SP: Our price range starts from Rs15,000 onwards. We have two Gaja stores in Kolkata and Gaja heritage is our only boutique store in the city. 

VO: Is there a substantial demand for this kind of jewellery and is it the
current trend?


SP: There is always a demand for designer jewellery, something new, something different and especially when you are trying to bring the two together the old art works that is of gold filigree and polka stone work. So we expect our designs to create a ripple in the market and establish itself as a new kind of jewellery for consumers.


VO: What marketing strategy do you follow?


SP: All our marketing efforts are target-oriented; right from our store ambience to sales staff to marketing communication everything is in sync with the brand.  We have successfully tried some unconventional method to promote our stores by conducting a promotional event in various clubs of the city. We wish to be the wedding jewellery consultant to women who have taste for

VO: Do you have in-house designers or you outsource designing? Are there special skills that a heritage jewellery designer must possess?


SP: Yes, our designers are in-house. Yes, we do look for special skills and knowledge in designers to arrive at our designs and product conclusions.  

VO: How do you manage your logistics? Is it a concern?


SP: It is one of the most important parts of our trade. It requires a lot of attention but it is surely not a concern.




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