Retailers in India are demanding!

Surya Brasil not only has products with assured natural ingredients, but it also abstains from using substances that are harmful to its customers and to the environment. Having a successful presence in more than 20 countries, the brand is trying to expand
Fernanda Drumond

Surya Brasil not only has products with assured natural ingredients, but it also abstains from using substances that are harmful to its customers and to the environment. Having a successful presence in more than 20 countries, the brand is trying to expand its business in India. Fernanda Drumond, Manager Sales and Marketing, Surya Brasil, India, throws more light on the company’s offerings and plans for India, in an interaction with Varun Jain.

 Varun Jain (VJ): Give us an insight into your company.

Fernanda Drumond (FD): Surya Brasil, present in the Brazilian market since 1978 and Indian market for the last five years, was created with the objective of supplying cosmetics for external beauty, without neglecting internal beauty. Promoting the pursuit of a healthier living, in harmony with nature, Surya Brasil brings together Nature, the Science of Ayurveda, and technology to create the best quality hair and body care products. With ingredients from the Amazon Forest, Surya Brasil is the healthier choice of cosmetics.

Our products are manufactured in Sao Paulo, Brazil, and exported to more than 20 countries, like US, Mexico, Paraguay, Australia and India among others. In India, we are present in New Delhi and NCR, Mumbai, Pune, Chandigarh, Amritsar, Ludhiana, Panchkula, Hyderabad.

VJ: What is the USP of your products?

FD: Our natural hair colours and natural and organic shampoos, conditioners, hair mask, moisturisers, hand sanitizers and other products, are free from any harsh chemicals and distinguished for their quality and benefits. Also, our products do not contain ammonia or its substitutes, PPD, parabens, peroxide, resorcinol, heavy metals, mineral oil or GMOs. Hence, Surya products are ideal for those with sensitive skin, as our products have gentle formulas not to harm the hair, the skin and the scalp. Furthermore, we do not test our products on animals, nor use animal ingredients in any of our cosmetics.

VJ: Tell us about your foray into India. Are you planning to have exclusive stores?

FD: Our distribution in India is mostly through the multi-brand retail outlets as we want to make our product available for everyone, wherever they are. Our products can be found in the main markets of New Delhi and the other cities where we are present. For the short term, there are no plans of having our exclusive stores, as we prefer to give our clients the convenience of finding Surya Brasil products near their homes.

For the long term, we have plans of opening one factory in India in order to supply directly from here to Japan, Koran, Taiwan, Australia and other near by countries. In the next two years, we are planning on opening our own organic SPA, similar to the one we already have in Brazil.

VJ : What other channels do you retail your products through, in India?

FD: Surya Brasil has just started partnerships with renewed Beauty Parlours in New Delhi, offering not only trained service, but also giving the opportunity to the client to buy the products at the saloons.

VJ: What is your take on the Indian market?

FD: The Indian market is very peculiar, different from the other countries. Not only the retailers are demanding, but the consumers too are very demanding. That is why Surya Brasil has always been aware of maintaining the highest standards of quality for presenting a safe cosmetic, offering the best post-sales services and superior quality hair and body cosmetic products, made with Ingredients from Brazil and from India.

VJ: What kind of investment have you made in India?

FD: Clelia Angelon, the founder and president of our company, started her Business with India 30 years ago. Since then, she has been investing heavily in India, importing raw materials, like the Henna and other herbs, to manufacture the products in Brazil. We are constantly investing on the expansion of the business in India. Furthermore, we have now a large team of sales people in India, besides personnel for Business Development and Managers from Brazil.

VJ: Give us an idea about the price points of your products?

FD: Considering the quality and being imported products from Brazil, our product pricing is quite competitive. The shampoos are priced at Rs 220 for 300 ml and conditioners at Rs 250 for 300 ml. The products are available at New U Dabur Stores, Religare Wellness stores and other select outlets in Mumbai, Bangalore, New Delhi, and Kolkata.

VJ: Who are your target customers?

FD: Our target costumers vary from product to product. Our main consumers are the group from young adults to elderly, conscious citizens, who not only want the safest hair colour that does not harm the hair and skin and in the long term, the scalp and health, as well as people with social and environmental awareness.

We also have a large number of foreigners and NRIs as clients, as they are already aware of the brand Surya Brasil from use in other countries, and are pleased to find them in India as well.

VJ: You have been present globally. So all your products are of the same quality across the countries?

FD:  Surya Brasil provides organic and natural certified products to the whole World. We are present in more than 20 countries today. The products exported to all these countries have the same superior quality as the products available in India. Our products are not only organic and natural. They have international certifications to prove the quality and the origin of the ingredient used in our formulas. We not only meet the international standard for presenting a safe cosmetic, we offer the best post-sales services and the best quality  products, made with ingredients from Brazil and from India.

VJ: What are your future plans? Are your products available only in metros or other cities as well?

FD: Surya Brasil is expanding at a fast yet stable pace in India. Our sales and our number of employers have increased more than five times in the last three years. Our expansion is happening not only in the metros, but also in tier II cities with good potentials, like cities in the state of Punjab.




Fernanda Drumond, Manager Sales and Marketing, Surya Brasil, India