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Eyewear is extremely personal: Glassic

Kailash and Devesh Nichani

The main reason for growth of this segment is that consumers in India today are looking to own more than one pair of sunglasses and are buying multiple pairs to go with their wardrobe, just like they would for other accessories like shoes and bags.

BY Sharmila Das  |  July 03, 2018  |  comments ( 0 )  | 

We are already working with around 30 countries worldwide: Claudia Steinberger

Claudia Steinberger

In conversation with Claudia Steinberger, Managing Director, Malu Wilz Beaute, who talks about the brand’s future in the Indian market.

BY Tanya Krishna  |  October 12, 2017  |  comments ( 0 )  | 

We have a range of products that suits the needs of every customer: Ronit Khadilkar

Ronit Khadilkar

In conversation with Ronit Khadilkar, Executive Director, Mirage Ceramics, who talks about the company’s innovative products and their strategy of growth.

BY Zarafshan Shiraz  |  September 14, 2017  |  comments ( 0 )  | 

We are investing Rs 400cr for retail and capacity expansion: Sarat Chandak

Sarat Chandak

With a view of increasing the production capacity and the retail footprint, Rak Ceramics is investing around Rs 100cr to Rs 400cr, depending upon the product acceptance in the Indian market.

BY Sunil Pol  |  December 29, 2016  |  comments ( 0 )  | 

We are thinking of launching another 75 experience centres: Abhishek Somany

Abhishek Somany

For the next 15 years the market for ceramics in India will be on the uptick with encouraging government initiatives and rapid urbanisation taking place.

BY Sunil Pol  |  September 15, 2016  |  comments ( 0 )  | 

Repositioning Simon India brand

Amit Garg

Amit Garg, CEO, Simon, India, on re-launching brand identity

BY Vanita Akhaury  |  June 24, 2015  |  comments ( 0 )  | 

Fashion is now an omni-channel phenomenon

Robert Mckee

Robert McKee talks about trends in fashion industry.

BY Retailer  |  August 07, 2014  |  comments ( 0 )  | 

Italian fashion, affordable price points

Daniele Piatto, CEO, OVS India

Offers attire from the fashion capital of the world.

BY Neha Malhotra  |  December 19, 2012  |  comments ( 0 )  | 

Hager expands in India

Benoiy Lecuyer

Hager plans to expand its presence across the country.

BY Saniya Seth  |  November 07, 2012  |  comments ( 0 )  | 

A design treat

Mukul Goyal, Principal Designer & Director, Mukul Goyal & Tattva Art Hardware

Mukul Goyal plans to increase distribution footprint.

BY Gunjan Piplani  |  August 20, 2012  |  comments ( 0 )  | 

Enhancing luxury retail

bhay Gupta, CEO, Luxury Connect

Luxury Connect takes steps towards creating skilled manpower for luxury retail.

BY Ankur Gaurav  |  July 26, 2012  |  comments ( 0 )  | 

Home beyond compare

Abhijeet Mitra

Ebony Gautier is slowly mapping its expansion across the country.

BY Neha Malhotra  |  May 24, 2012  |  comments ( 0 )  | 

Euro Ceramics: Tilling success

Paresh Shah, Director, Euro Ceramics Ltd

By bringing innovation to the sanitaryware industry, Euro Ceramics has carved a niche for itself in the market. Paresh Shah, Director, Euro Ceramics Ltd shares the companys success story with Neha Malhotra.

BY Neha Malhotra  |  May 20, 2010  |  comments ( 1 )  | 

Porsche Designs delighted to share its uncompromising essence with the Indian customers!

Dr Juergen Gessler, CEO, Porsche Design Group

Porsche Design, a leading luxury lifestyle brand in the high-end mens accessories segment worldwide entered the Indian market with its 100th international store. Dr. Juergen Gessler, CEO Porsche Design Group, tells Franchise India Media about the

BY Bhuvnesh Talwar  |  March 23, 2010  |  comments ( 0 )  | 

Packing in the Profits

Ashok Gourish, Head, Packaging Technology, Bosch

Providing total packaging solutions, Ashok Gourish, Head, Packaging Technology, Bosch Limited shares the inception, growth and success of Bosch.\r\n

BY Subhro Prakash Ghosh  |  October 28, 2009  |  comments ( 0 )  |