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Leveraging Steel Market

Girish Rao

Essar Hypermart, a pioneering initiative of Essar Steel aims to make steel available to the end users close to the user point, thereby, revolutionising steel marketing in the country. The firm, at present, boasts of over 400 retail outlets spread

BY Vrinda Oberai  |  October 08, 2010  |  comments ( 2 )  | 

Labelled for success

Ishita Swarup, Founding member and CEO, 99labels

With lives getting busier, time for leisure seems to be evaporating for most of us. 99labels, an online shopping portal comes to the rescue with shopping just a click away. Ishita Swarup, Founding member and CEO, 99labels enlightens us on this

BY Jasmeet Sahi  |  February 04, 2010  |  comments ( 0 )  | 

Honing talent for retail

Marie-Louise Jacobsen, MD, Retail Management Solutions

Highly acclaimed buying and merchandising expert globally with over 30 years of in-depth retail experience; specialising in merchandising assortment audits, brand and private label concepts and creation, Marie-Louise Jacobsen, Retail Consultant and

BY Jasmeet Sahi  |  January 19, 2010  |  comments ( 2 )  | 

Redefining gifting

Isha Siraj-Kedia, CEO, Lamhe

The joy of giving your loved one a gift they truly desire is something most of us often wish for, but at times fall short of attaining. Lamhe, a brainchild of three creative entrepreneurs brings to India a unique concept of online gifting, which is

BY Jasmeet Sahi  |  January 15, 2010  |  comments ( 2 )  | 

Ramp up the retail speed

Hemchandra Javeri, Co-Founder and Director, Forum Synergies

Retail in India stands at an interesting crossroad, with the ghost of the meltdown now a mere spectre of the past and the future a welcoming avenue propelling India as a favoured retail destination. Well-known retail expert and Co-Founder and

BY Jasmeet Sahi  |  December 28, 2009  |  comments ( 0 )  | 

Multi-channel profits via TV

Sundeep Malhotra, CEO, HomeShop18

Changing the face of shopping from home through TV, HomeShop18 is redefining the consumer-retailer interface in more ways than one. Sundeep Malhotra, CEO, HomeShop18, shares his views on tele-shopping and why HomeShop18 is a cut above the rest.

BY Jasmeet Sahi  |  December 24, 2009  |  comments ( 1 )  | 

Creating a fashion synonym

Mridumesh Rai, Head Customer Experience & Sales ( West & Central)

Every one wants to be trendy, fashionable and in-sync. Catering to the fashion needs of the youth, Globus has scored high as a popular fashion apparel retailer. Mridumesh Rai, Head Customer Experience & Sales (West & Central), Globus shares his

BY Jasmeet Sahi  |  December 21, 2009  |  comments ( 3 )  | 

Minting loyal customers

Neeraj Kapoor, CMO, i-Mint

Touted as the new-age marketing tool for modern organised retail, loyalty programs are fast-becoming a retailer’s ruse for befriending more and more customers. Neeraj Kapoor, CMO, i-Mint, India’s largest multi-partner customer rewards program speaks

BY Jasmeet Sahi  |  December 19, 2009  |  comments ( 0 )  | 

All that glitters

Santosh Srivastava, MD, Gitanjali

Gold attracts all, and with the wedding season here, shoppers are going all-out on buying jewellery. Rising gold prices seem to be the last deterrent. Santosh Srivastava, MD, Gitanjali Jewellery Retail Private Limited shares his insights on jewellery

BY Jasmeet Sahi  |  December 17, 2009  |  comments ( 0 )  | 

An idiom of design

Manu Neelakandhan, Design Director, Idiom

Investment in retail design never goes wrong as it adds to the brand experience. Manu Neelakandhan, Design Director, Idiom Design & Consulting Ltd speaks to us about the importance of retail design.

BY Jasmeet Sahi  |  December 14, 2009  |  comments ( 0 )  | 

IT takes retail ahead!

Kumar Vembu, CEO, GoFrugal Technologies

Right from SCM, storage, sales and after-sales processes, IT solutions are taking over the conventional mode of management, storage, tracking and sales. Kumar Vembu, CEO GoFrugal Technologies Pvt. Ltd speaks about the importance of IT solutions for

BY Jasmeet Sahi  |  December 07, 2009  |  comments ( 0 )  | 

Planning the Knot

Maninder Sethi, Director, Excelsior

Indian weddings and their lavishness is no secret. So it is no surprise that wedding expos are a big thing during the wedding season. Organising lifestyle shows like Wedding Asia, Wedding Asia-Royal Jewels and The Woman, Maninder Sethi, Director,

BY Jasmeet Sahi  |  December 03, 2009  |  comments ( 0 )  | 

A delight to your senses

Alok Tandon, CEO, INOX

With the upcoming of INOX, watching movies is not just pleasurable to our eyes but also to our other four senses. This is because INOX has taken movie viewing experience to a new level. Alok Tandon, CEO, INOX Leisure Ltd speaks on how we can ‘live

BY Jasmeet Sahi  |  November 20, 2009  |  comments ( 7 )  | 

Providing shoes with souls

Rafiq Malik, MD, Metro Shoes

A host of footwear retailers in the market today offer the customers a range of shoes making them quite spoilt for choice. In a conversation with Rafiq Malik, MD, Metro Shoes, who enlightens us with the uniqueness of Metro Shoes.

BY Jasmeet Sahi  |  November 14, 2009  |  comments ( 1 )  | 

Quantifying retail relevance

Karthik Nagarajan, AD, Nielsen Online

Conducting and sharing researches for the benefit of the retailing sector by market research agencies is proving beneficial to many retailers. Karthik Nagarajan, Associate Director – Nielsen Online, The Nielsen Company, throws light on a few of the

BY Jasmeet Sahi  |  November 13, 2009  |  comments ( 0 )  |