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Pramod Saxena

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We are seeing almost 200% growth in business every quarter: Akshat Saxena,

Akshat Saxena

In an exclusive conversation with Akshat Saxena, Co-Founder, shed light on credit card market in India also on his business model.

BY Shipra Srivastava  |  May 25, 2017  |  comments ( 0 )  | 

E-commerce needs the support of offline reach: Pramod Saxena

Pramod Saxena

Oxigen is aiming at enhancing its market presence with facilitating cash and wallet payment collection options for Big Bazaar Direct products through its network of 200,000 retailers across India.

BY Sunil Pol  |  February 24, 2016  |  comments ( 0 )  | 

It's an assisted e-commerce model with Oxigen: Kishore Biyani

Kishore Biyani

While itís been a challenge to find the right partners in retail to scale up the operations, Kishore Biyani, Group CEO, Future Group seems to have tapped the right partner in Oxigen.

BY Sunil Pol  |  February 23, 2016  |  comments ( 0 )  | 

Is India ready for the mobile wallet industryís tidal surge?

Ankur Saxena

Retailer Media talked to its CEO, Ankur Saxena, who discussed the reasons behind the wallet industryís success (or the lack of it), India as a market and the future (growth) plans.

BY Nitin Abbey  |  September 25, 2015  |  comments ( 0 )  | 

Social sites helping people discover trends in fashion

Avinash Saxena,

Avinash Saxena, Co-founder Roposo, talks to Retailer Media about the social commerce phenomenon, the consumer response in the selfie-era and his expansion plans.

BY Nitin Abbey  |  September 15, 2015  |  comments ( 0 )  | 

More than movies

Pramod Arora

Bringing cinematic excellence to the customers.

BY Neha Malhotra  |  June 11, 2012  |  comments ( 2 )  | 

Reviving education methodologies

Saurabh Saxena, Director, Mexus Education

A company that believes that in the 21st century, education should go beyond school text-books, Mexus Education, engages a student in a fascinating process of exploration, experience and extrapolation. Saurabh Saxena, Director, Mexus Education shares

BY Neha Malhotra  |  January 12, 2010  |  comments ( 4 )  |