The go-green initiative
The go-green initiative

Boasting of a business model with sound ecological and economic basis, it provides customers with safe storage and easy accessibility. We caught up with Haritash Tamvada, CEO and Founder,, to understand the company’s efforts and initiatives in a better way.

Vrinda Oberai (VO): What is the USP of your company? Who is your target audience?
Haritash Tamvada (HT): Our USP is paperless convenience and 24/7 availability of all your purchase documents. Warrantify is a one-stop-shop where consumers and retailers can manage all their warranties and receipts for free in a clean, paperless format and thus be environment friendly. Our target audience are the retailers and their customers (end users).
VO: How are you effectively addressing the retailers’/customers’ plights?
HT: We think managing paper-based receipts and warranties are difficult, cumbersome and the entire process is rather inflexible. We are challenging the older way of doing things and are introducing a simple way of managing all your precious documents at one place. We give consumers a nice, easy to use dashboard (both on web and from our smartphone apps – android and iPhone) where they can manage all their warranties and receipts.
VO: How does your business model (based on safe storage and easy accessibility) work?
HT: We would like to charge the retailer a nominal fee for every receipt we generate/manage/store on their behalf.
VO: Can you share an example wherein your solution helped a potential customer immensely?
HT: Christian Fruewirth, one of our esteemed customers, gave a testimonial – "I used to keep my paper receipts in a shoe box, cluttered drawers and in dusty dark corners at the back of the cupboard. Now I have one clean, snappy
interface to manage all my documents at Warrantify."
VO: What is your take on retailers’ contribution to the environment in the prevalent times? How can awareness be raised in this regard?
HT: I think retailers can bring a huge change in educating and giving customers an environmental friendly option like giving a warrantified/digital warranty/ receipt. It could start by offering this as an optional service and tell the consumers the benefits of such a solution and how it could be in the best interest of everybody.
VO: How are you contributing to raising this awareness?
HT: We are the pioneers in the 'paperless movement', wherein through our start-up, we are hoping to give consumers an additional option of having a safe digital archive of all their purchase documents. The “paperless movement” is our team’s answer to a common issue we all share around the world – paper based warranties and receipts for goods and products. The green movement aims at reducing the paper trail for our day-to-day household purchases. Paper- based warranties and receipts are a waste of natural resources. So with today’s tools, we now have a solution that works better for us and for the nature.
VO: Do you think that similar efforts (like yours) can actually contribute towards making significant changes in bringing a green revolution?
HT: Absolutely, that is our humble goal. We would like to bring a revolution in saying no to paper receipts and warranties. A consumer should have a right to choose between a digital receipt/warranty and a paper receipt just like we have e-tickets and paper tickets option for train or airline travel. Going green while increasing efficiency is in the best interest of us all – consumers and businesses alike.
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