Passion & conviction, a must

Nalini Gupta, currently working as a Director and CEO of Genesis Colors Pvt. Ltd, did her schooling and graduation from Chandigarh and holds LLB and MBA degrees. She has been working with the company for the past six years and has been a major contributor to its growth. Increased interest of foreign labels in the Indian markets announces a retail revolution in the country. Nalini Gupta shares her personal experience and observation about the industry in a conversation with Nimran Dhaliwal.


Retailer: What is the mantra that keeps you going on?
Nalini Gupta (NG): There are two mantras in life that I follow: ‘Give your best in whatever you do and ‘Live and let others live’.
Retailer: How many years of experience do you have in the retail industry?
NG: I have been in the retail industry for the last 19 years.
Retailer: What was the reason behind joining the retail industry?
NG: There is no specific reason. The industry
came to me naturally and I did fit in here to the hilt.
Retailer: What are the major changes you brought about in the present

NG: In the last six years that I have worked with Genesis Colors Pvt. Ltd, I have been a key contributor to the growth of the organisation’s stature. Through dedication, commitment and a thorough knowledge of market dynamics, I handle sales, production and interface with design and marketing teams. To do any job    well, I believe that passion and conviction are a must and it is this ‘passion and conviction’ that my team and I share and this has led the brand to the new heights.
Retailer: What is the best way of promoting a brand?
NG: The best way of promoting a brand is to understand its ideology
and what it wants to represent besides understanding your target
audience. It’s only when one understands all these aspects of a brand
that one can promote a brand correctly.
Retailer: How do you perceive the future of retail industry in India?
NG: The Indian retail industry is booming at this point of time and, with
 increased interest of foreign labels in the Indian markets, we can expect a new revolution. About 15 years down the line, India will become the retail hub of the world. The Indian economy has grown 10 folds and become more self -sustained in the last decade and this has increased the viability of foreign retailers to invest in India. Today, retail has become an organised sector with multi designer outlets such as Samsaara and Kazo. Exclusive self-owned designer stores are also emerging. The aspirational value generated by designer creations and higher disposable income of
the youth today has propelled the fashion industry’s growth and has
led to a bigger rise in the demand for designer wear. This has also
made foreign designer labels like Aigner, Canali, Hugo Boss and Gucci
to foray into India. Also, the opening of large retail outlets such as Shopper’s Stop, Pantaloons and malls like the Select Citywalk Mall or the Ambi Mall,
is providing the consumer as well as the manufacturer the one-stop
shop for buying and selling goods. Earlier problems of real
estate development, location and high prices of shops etc. have
come down with the coming up of malls and multi-designer outlets.
All this has given an impetus to the retail sector like never before.
Retailer: What is or was the turning point in your life?
NG: The turning point in my life is yet to come.
Retailer: When and where was your recent holidaying or favourite trip?
NG: My favourtite trip was the one I made to Bali in 2005.
Retailer: What is there in the menu of your favourite dish?
NG: My favourite dish includes arhar dal and chawal and aloo paranthas with fresh homemade butter.
Retailer: How do you define yourself in one line?
NG: I am a perfectionist with a passion for living.
Retailer: If you could change one thing about the retail industry in
India, what would it be?

NG: It would be the lack of organisation in the industry. I would love to
make the industry more organised.

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