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Mr Ananthanarayanan K S, General Manager, Enterprise Application Services practice, HCL, talks about the company’s services in an interview to the Retailer


Retailer: How do you define HCL Technologies briefly?

Ananthanarayanan K S (AKS): HCL Technologies is one of India's leading global IT services companies, providing software-led IT solutions, remote infrastructure management services and BPO. HCL Technologies focuses on transformational outsourcing, working with clients in areas that impact and re-define the core of their business. The company has a global network of offices in 18 countries to deliver solutions across select verticals including financial services, retail and consumer, life sciences and healthcare, hi-tech and manufacturing, telecom and media and entertainment.


Retailer: What are EmpoweRetail and IRIS?

AKS: EmpoweRetail is a ‘customer management suite’ for retail industry that enables retail businesses to deliver enhanced shopping experience to its customers and gain rich insights into customer buying behaviour. It empowers the business to develop and nurture customer loyalty through focused marketing campaigns. As for IRIS (Integrated Retail Industry Suite), it comprises solution portfolios for food and grocery retailing and specialty retailing. The solution is a monolithic suite of Microsoft Dynamics AX and .net framework stacks addressing the gamut of stores management, supply chain and financials and integrates with external POS systems.


Retailer: What makes HCL to have an edge over other companies and win award? 

AKS: Edge is in terms of addressing the end-to-end solution as a native solution on Dynamics AX with Micro vertical (F&G & Specialty) functionality and the impact that the solution has created in the market.


Retailer: How does your technology help retailers in India?

AKS: IRIS helps retailers in achieving merchandise intelligence, high supply chain excellence, business intelligence and operational simplicity. And, EmpoweRetail tags the concept of solution, immense operational flexibility for a retail chain besides empowerment of stores and, most expectedly, a high degree of personalised service to customers at each store, adaptable ‘feedback control’, built in customer analytics and custom built demand forecasting and smoothing techniques.


Retailer: What is the procedure followed in providing these services to retailers?

AKS: We get engaged with retailers through the entire implementation life cycle from requirements assessment to final store rollouts and also subsequently support them through their operations. We ensure high user adoptability, solution adaptability to business requirements and rapid store rollouts.


Retailer: How are these technologies different from those already available in the market?

AKS: We have the best of breed functionality and end-to-end functionality native to Dynamics Axapta distinguishes IRIS from others. We have not seen a comprehensive example of transactional loyalty with a CRM touch in other solutions.


Retailer: How do you see the future of HCL?

AKS: HCL is rated as a leader in retail related IT by AMR Research. HCL aims to become the key Microsoft Dynamics Retail solution provider on a global basis.

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