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Recently, Archies has become the licensee for Smiley World.  It is big time into merchandising and have merchandise for famous corporate brands and popular programmes like MTV Roadies and TOI. Archies is soon going to complete their range of licensed Harley Davidson merchandise which they acquired through their tie up with Russ. During the last one year, Archies has also opened around 60-70 stand alone stores. offers over 700 programmed e-cards, with free e-mail, chat, reminder services, and a greetings scheduler.


Marketing initiatives

The key to marketing lies in innovation. There is also a need to showcase the product and develop aspiration and need in the mind of the consumer to increase sales. Hence the spotlight over the years has been on visual merchandising, tie-ups with films, direct discounts and various promotional offers in order to develop aspiration and need in the mind of the consumers to increase sales.


Brand proposition

Ninety per cent of Archies’ products are exclusive to the brand and are not available else where. Archies is the exclusive licensee of several properties. This is also their brand USP.

The Challenges overcome

Number of malls not being successful posed a major challenge to Archies. However, positioning the retail brand as neighbourhood store enabled Archies to spin back to the right track.


Expansion plan

Archies intends to open around 30-40 stores across India every year. This is going to include stores being opened in malls, high streets as well as tier II and III cities. 


His understanding of the retail business and his learning in this process

“Don’t venture into retail just by following others. It is a myth that there is great money here. The reality is different. And running stores like a chain of 50 or 100 stores is a different ballgame altogether. So be aware, India is a very difficult and challenging market. What you read and what people see is an illusion. It is a dynamic and challenging line.”





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