Writing success in café business


In India Gloria Jean’s changed their model in comparison to the 40 markets they are presently trading in. The price points of local competition and the onerous import duties for coffee, cocoa powders and syrups in India has forced the company to source the majority of their core products direct from India. The company has even sourced the coffee from 100 per cent Indian Arabica beans and matched the blend to the world class espresso.


Marketing initiatives 

For the Indian market, Gloria Jean’s has done some additional brand marketing when it was officially launched in the country and it will continue to promote the brand in the areas where the stores are located making the Coffee place a neighbourhood hangout.


Brand proposition

Gloria Jean’s takes the absolute best quality Arabica coffee from the world’s best coffee farms and roast it in their own state of the art roasting plant. Positioning it to ensure delivering a complete experience, from the bean to the cup!


The Challenges overcome

The singular biggest challenge to the development of a successful retail business model in India is the property cost. In India the occupancy to sale ratio is high and the labour cost is low– a phenomenon that is reverse of the developed

market trend.


Expansion plan

Through its master franchise partner, Citymax Hospitality (part of Landmark Group), Gloria Jean’s has aggressive plans to expand the brand rapidly in the years ahead. 


His understanding of the retail business and his learning in this process

“The Indian market has phenomenal potential for growth so I am so excited to be a part of this amazing time in history. What I have witnessed in developed markets over the course of 30 years, I have seen here in the last 5 years.  Perhaps the biggest challenge is not lack of opportunity, but lack of people with expertise taking the learning from developed markets and applying them to huge emerging markets like India.”




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