25 Hot Concepts


Fashion for the masses

Alok H&A Ltd was incorporated in 2007 for domestic retail business under the ‘H&A’ banner. H&A stores are value retail outlets, positioned as complete family stores for apparel, home textiles and accessories, offering quality textile products at affordable prices.


Brand USP: Fashion at an affordable price is what H&A offers to its customers. H&A offers good quality apparels that are designed fashionably and give complete value for money.

Brand Philosophy: H&A aims to constantly reinvent and innovate to fulfill customer requirement and provide the finest quality products that are fashionable, and at the same time, affordable.

Target Audience: H&A brand is targeted towards the fashion conscious customers, who are looking to buy trendy apparels for their entire family.

Marketing Strategy: A mix of ATL and BTL activities is being done to promote the brand. We are also advertising the brand in newspapers and hoardings for building brand awareness. We also organise activities at mall and high streets to increase footfall. H&A customers are given regular updates on the schemes and new arrivals through mailers and SMS.

Growth: We have grown at 50 per cent in the last quarter of this financial year.

Expansion Plans: As far as the future is concerned, we plan to grow aggressively in the next three years by opening more than 600 exclusive stores.







The taste of America

Cinnabon is a chain of American baked goods stores and kiosks, normally found in high-traffic areas such as malls. The company’s signature item is a large cinnamon roll. Launched in the USA in 1985, Cinnabon bakeries are in operation in over 30 countries today.


Brand USP: We handcraft the world famous cinnamon rolls, we are 100 per cent eggless and we are baked fresh all day.

Brand Philosophy: We opened our first bakery in 1985 in the USA and today we have around 930 outlets across the world. We make sure our guests say “WOW “whenever they eat any of our products. And note it when we say “guests”, because we treat them as our guests and not as customers.

Target Audience: Our clientele comprises mostly of women in the age group of 18-35 years, who form about 65 per cent of our guests. We are also frequented by kids in the age group of 12-18 years.

Marketing Strategy: We conduct baking and rolling workshops and do a lot of active sampling to connect with our customers. We have display kitchens where we bake live. We are also very active on the social media platforms.

Growth: We have achieved an 18 per cent growth year-on-year.

Expansion Plans: We are expanding very aggressively. We will double the number of Cinnabon outlets across the country by December 2012. At the same time, we are also going into a sub-franchising module.



Fresh, chic and trendy

SOCH offers an exclusive collection of Indian and western wear perfect for every occasion. Fresh, chic and trendy, SOCH apparel is fashioned from a wide range of exquisite hand-picked fabrics sourced from various locations across India.


Brand USP: We stock in width, not in depth. We add new stock every week, so there are regular and frequent changes in our merchandise. This gives our customers a wide variety to choose from.

Brand Philosophy: Offering the latest styles in Indian and western apparel at reasonable prices. We also ensure that our merchandise is of the best quality and that our customers get a great shopping experience.

Target Audience: Our target audience comprises women of all age groups, mostly belonging to the upper class of the society. Our clothes come in all sizes, so we cater to anyone who wants to look stylish.

Marketing Strategy: We market our products through direct mailers, newspapers and hoardings. Most of our customers, however, come to us through word of mouth from other satisfied customers.

Growth: We have grown at 35 per cent in the last quarter of this financial year.

Expansion Plans: At the moment, we have 21 SOCH stores and we would be adding another seven stores by March 2012. Thereafter, our target would be to open one store every month.


Versace Home

Styles for plush interiors

Versace Home, the home-furnishing line from Italian brand Versace, is retailed in India through Blues Clothing Company. Launched in 1992 with a collection of bed sheets, pillows and cushions, Versace Home has now added dinner sets and furniture to its kitty.


Brand USP: The biggest USP for a brand like Versace is its elegant and classy products.

Brand Philosophy: The home collection is an extension of Mr. Versace’s interest encompassing many disciplines. The Home range is now regarded as a range inspired by sensuous designs belonging to the neo-classic era.

Target Audience: We primarily target industrialists, young entrepreneurs who have attained early success, politicians and any respected person who understands the art and value of our products.

Marketing Strategy: We do not usually associate aggressive marketing plans with high-end luxury brands and the same applies to Versace. The minimum that we strategise is through selective media, especially lifestyle magazines as well as home and luxury magazines for exclusive marketing coverage.

Expansion Plans: Now that Versace has set up its flagship store in Delhi, our next destination will be Mumbai. The Mumbai store should be operational by next year, following which we will be covering the other metro cities in the near future.



Trends for the tiny tots

Kidology is a leading fashion brand, which offers high-end Indian designer apparel, accessories and furniture collections for infants, kids and expecting mothers. Styled by renowned designers, Kidology products are a big hit with kids and parents alike.


Brand USP: Our apparel range includes exclusive collections by leading Indian designers. Kidology’s in-house collection focuses as far as possible on environment friendly materials, which are great for kids but not yet available in the Indian markets.

Brand Philosophy: Our vision is to bring different spheres of design under one umbrella by providing quality apparel, accessories and furniture products for kids and expecting mothers. 

Target Audience: We cater to discerning, quality conscious parents who have a sense of style and enjoy seeing their little ones develop their own.

Marketing Strategy: We primarily focus on word of mouth publicity. We are also focused on developing strong consumer base through our Facebook and Twitter pages, which gives us an opportunity to stay connected with our consumer base.

Growth: In the quarter of October-December 2011, we have achieved a growth of over 100 per cent in our revenues. 

Expansion Plans: We are extremely keen on opening a second store in Delhi and maybe one more in NCR. Mumbai can also sustain at least one more Kidology store, if not two.



For a beautiful you

FACES Cosmetics, a Canada-based cosmetics brand, offers a complete line of colour cosmetics, skin care products and accessories to suit every ethnicity, skin type, complexion and texture. Established in 1974, FACES now has a presence spanning seven countries.


Brand USP: The USP of FACES is offering high quality products at affordable prices.

Brand Philosophy: The brand aims at delivering the highest quality of products to the discerning Indian consumer through constant innovation of products that are premium/international in quality but with shades best suited for the Indian skin tone.

Target Audience: FACES targets the fashion conscious women in the age group of 21-40 years.

Marketing Strategy: FACES is working hard on its marketing by bringing the latest colour trends to the Indian consumers and by increasing its distribution footprint across the metros as well as Tier II cities.

Expansion plans: FACES has just introduced a luxury line, Silk. FACES will soon launch an exciting palette of stunning lip colours with unique product benefits in the first quarter of next year along with a range of other products. Within the first half of the year 2012, FACES will become the largest chain of exclusive colour cosmetics stores in the country, with stores in major metros as well as tier II and III cities pan-India.



Books and beyond

Flipkart is one of the largest online retailers in India. Headquartered in Bangalore, Flipkart started in 2007 as an online bookstore, but diversified in 2010, selling CDs, DVDs, mobile phones, cameras, computers, office supplies and other electronic items.


Brand USP: Our USP has always been our complete focus on customer delight. Our other strengths can be described by 3 C’s – choice, convenience and cost. Choice plays a large role in customers shopping online. The online business model also generally means better prices in the form of discounts. Convenience is another factor that draws customers to e-commerce.

Brand Philosophy: We want to be the one-stop-shop that customers turn to for all their shopping needs.

Target Audience: We are targeting young, internet savvy professionals who have the purchasing power.

Marketing Strategy: We recently launched an ad campaign that addressed all these issues. We have created a presence on print, TV, websites and other platforms.

Growth: Flipkart is gowing at over 100 per cent quarter-on-quarter. 

Expansion plans: We will be looking at bigger investments in our supply chain and technology. In terms of sales we were earlier looking at a figure of $1bn by 2015. However, we feel we will be able to achieve this target sooner. Additionally, Flipkart Self-Delivery, which currently operates in 20 cities, will be taken to more cities by next year.



Gear up for a game

SPORTXS, at present, showcases over 6,000 products across 32 sport categories and 60 brands. The brand has created a platform for sport lovers, enthusiasts and professionals alike to come together and share their passion.


Brand USP: SPORTXS celebrates sports by offering great gear for men, women and children and provides a common platform for sports enthusiasts and professionals to come together and share their passion for sports.

Brand philosophy: SPORTXS offers customers a variety of options and also guides them towards making a well informed choice. We help customers identify gear that would suit their requirements in the best possible manner

Target Audience: People from all age groups with an interest in sports and fitness are our target customers.

Marketing Strategy: SPORTXS has been expanding the number of stores across various geographies to strengthen its consumer base. We are also working on the launch of SPORTXS’ e-commerce website, which will create a much wider audience for what the store offers.

Growth: We have grown at 32 per cent in the last quarter. 

Expansion plans: Over the next three years, we are looking at opening 70-80 stores across India to reach out to the sports community in tier I and tier II cities. The launch of an aggressive e-commerce option is also something we are excited about.








Slide for storage

LUXUS is a name synonymous with customised sliding wardrobes. The brand has set up a specialised factory in collaboration with Komandor, a world leader in customised sliding wardrobes, to produce wardrobes that are trendy yet affordable.


Brand USP: The USP of our brand is customised wall-to-wall sliding wardrobes made in India in collaboration with Komandor of Poland. These wardrobes are delivered and installed within four weeks and come with a five-year warranty.

Brand Philosophy: Our philosophy lies in offering factory-made European quality customised furniture at affordable prices.

Target Audience: Our target audience include well-educated customers owning an apartment/house worth more than ` 50 lakh, architects and interior designers as well as builders offering furniture in their package.

Marketing Strategy: We have created a catalogue of off-the-shelf sliding door furniture products and we ensure strong word-of-mouth publicity by giving our customer a satisfying experience. We also participate in prominent furniture fairs and advertise our brand to create awareness.

Expansion Plans: We expect to have at least 50 stores across India in the next three years. We will also have over 50 furniture dealers selling our off-the-shelf sliding door furniture products.



Outdoor is fun!

Patio is known for its durable outdoor furniture, which is not only unique but also very appealing in terms of design and functionality. Patio strives to make a mark in the market for everything that has got to do with outdoor.


Brand USP: Our USP lies in the fact that our products are unique and inquisitive, our concepts for outdoor innovative and that the store itself is set in a unique way in the lap of nature for people to really see and experience the product.

Brand Philosophy: We want to be known as a consumer centric retailer, always trying to offer what our customers want.

Target Audience: Our target audience comprise everyone who appreciates and enjoys nature and has a strong connection with

the outdoors.

Marketing Strategy: We are working on various initiatives for reaching out to our customers, including traditional media like print including flyers and PR articles and digital media like email and social media. We also have get-togethers for architects and interior designers at the Italian cafe in our store.

Growth: We have seen a gradual growth this year as compared to last year. We have grown approximately 30 per cent more than last year.

Expansion Plans: Over the next three years, we want to make Patio a more popular place among our target customers. We are also looking at franchising our concept to other places in south India.



Clothes with an attitude

Remanika launched its first store in Mumbai in 1998. Started with an aim to cater to the needs of the hip and stylish youth with loads of attitude, the Remanika brand has today spread to 90 outlets across 26 cities with a customer base that has since grown manifold.


Brand USP: Remanika has grasped the pulse of the smart Indian woman and fulfilled her desires by offering trendy and stylish clothing using the fits and cuts in such a way that it exudes femininity.

Brand Philosophy: Our brand philosophy is to meet the demands of the youth; to design something unique, which has a western look but with an Indian touch.

Target Audience: Our target audience comprises the independent women of today, who have perfected the art of balancing their homes and career. These women fall in the age bracket of 18 to 35 years.

Marketing Strategy: We are aiming at 360-degree advertising. We try to reach out to our customers through leading fashion magazines and newspapers. Since this generation is tech savvy and very active on social media, we are trying to build up on Facebook and Twitter marketing as well.

Growth: We have achieved an overall growth of 20 per cent in the last quarter of this financial year.

Expansion Plans: We are aiming at acquiring retail presence in every city across the country, which will bring accessibility to our customers. By 2013, we will be operational in 40 stores in India.



Brands and discounts

99labels.com has carved a niche for itself by offering smart and simple shopping solutions to the Indian consumers. The brand has partnered with national and international brands to present event based online sales for a limited time period at up to 90 per cent discounts.


Brand USP: 99labels is a website that operates on a flash sale model, where private sales of fashion and lifestyle brands are open to members at huge discounts. Some 7-8 sales are on offer each day and the variety of products is interesting.

Brand Philosophy: As a brand, we lay maximum emphasis on integrity and excellence, and this applies across the board to each area of operation: be it customer interface, product authenticity or delivery schedules.

Target Audience: Our target audience is largely women in the age bracket of 22 to 35 years.

Marketing Strategy: We have been using social media like Facebook and Twitter very aggressively. We also update members on daily sales through mailers and have contests going live on Twitter each week. Events, radio and print media are also being explored.

Expansion Plans: The number of brand offerings from 99labels will continue to rise as we go forward. We look forward to further improving customer care and service as well as speeding up our delivery schedules.


TaylorMade-Adidas Golf

Putt it in style

TaylorMade-Adidas Golf is a US-based subsidiary of the Germany-based Adidas group. Started in 1979, Taylormade-Adidas Golf has rapidly grown to become one of the leading golf apparel companies in

the industry.


Brand USP: Golf retailing through malls and high street shops itself is a novel concept in India and TaylorMade-Adidas Golf is the only company to open exclusive golf retailing stores here.

Brand Philosophy: TaylorMade-Adidas Golf’s primary strategic pillars are to continuously develop and commercialise the most innovative, technologically advanced products while, at the same time, maintaining brand credibility through high visibility on professional golf tours.

Target Audience: Our target audience include golf enthusiasts, pro and amateur golfers and people who have an inclination towards golf-inspired living.

Marketing Strategy: TaylorMade-Adidas Golf has combined product marketing, brand communication and retail marketing into one fully integrated global marketing team.

Growth: We have achieved a growth of around 20 per cent in the last quarter.

Expansion Plans: TaylorMade plans to open more exclusive outlets gradually moving towards tier III cities in the next three years. We also intend to increase our reach on the green grass accounts in the smaller cities, where golf is picking up as a sport.



Home of your dreams

Maishaa is a name synonymous with luxury home textiles that make for a stylish living. Conceptualised with a belief that the pleasure of living can be enhanced with a ‘passion for life', this brand offers a one-stop solution to all your home needs.


Brand USP: Bringing international home fashion textiles to India by partnering with renowned design houses abroad.

Brand Philosophy: Home is an extension of self.

Unique Features: Maishaa’s range of luxury bed linen comprises highest thread count available in the Indian home textile market with 650 thread alignment per 10 sq cm. First to launch eco friendly home textile and sanitised wellness standards, the brand ensures that international standards are maintained in the packaging of its products. Maishaa’s furnishing fabrics come with stain guard and water repellent finish.

Marketing Strategy: Creating brand awareness through print advertisements in lifestyle magazines and creating a conceptualised product display system with the required ambiance within partner MBOs and EBOs. The brand also emphasises on customer connect activities through regular newsletters and a rewarding loyalty programme.

Growth: We have achieved double digit growth during the last fiscal.

Expansion Plans: The brand now plans to increase the number of stores to 20 in the next three years, besides increasing the network of EBOs.


Choko la

Chocolaty bliss

CHOKO LA celebrates the power of chocolate that transcends all boundaries, that lets you share, that lets you bond and that always creates beautiful memories with your loved ones. Choko la has a state-of-the-art manufacturing unit in Delhi-NCR.


Brand USP: We specialise in handcrafting exclusive artisanal chocolates, confectionery and bakery products from high quality imported and local ingredients guided by a team of very proficient chefs.

Brand Philosophy: To be the best chocolatier in the country, which is the number one on the choice list of our customers. We aspire to create a chocolate culture in India.

Target Audience: Our target audience comprises mostly chocolate connoisseurs, savvy socials and chocolate buffs, who seek to indulge themselves as well as express their feelings to others by gifting personalised chocolates.

Marketing Strategy: We undertake regular promotional activities and events wherein we put up live chocolate making counters to showcase the real chocolate making supported with extensive sampling.

Growth: We are growing more than the industry growth rate at present.

Expansion Plans: Next year, we plan to be present in the top 10 cities of India, starting with Bangalore and Hyderabad. In the next three years, we would be present in the top 20 cities and target to have 50 café/boutiques.


The Shoe Laundry

Walk clean, walk happy

The Shoe Laundry is India’s first professional and specialised footwear laundry and refurbishing service. The Shoe Laundry was established in Mumbai in 2003, and has ever since boasted of a clientele that has been growing at a rapid pace.


Brand USP: The very concept of The Shoe Laundry is unique. No such service was available in India till the brand was established in 2003. We have gained our expertise through practical knowledge coupled with our ability to solve problems and find innovative solutions.

Brand Philosophy: Our own standards have always been higher than what is ever expected of us by anyone else. 

Target Audience: Anyone who owns a branded pair of shoes and is willing to spend a fraction of its price to clean and maintain it.

Marketing Strategy: Currently, we have hundreds of franchise enquiries and we are corresponding with them to appoint franchisees. We are also participating in Franchise Expo, where we can meet more investors and have also sent out email blasts to investors. We will also be advertising from time to time in newspapers and trade magazines.

Growth: We have grown at 200 per cent in the last quarter. This is our first year as a franchisor. We hope to grow more! 

Expansion Plans: We plan to open multiple franchises in all the metros and cities across India having a population of more than 10 lakh.




A baby’s first friend

FirstCry.com is India’s largest online store, offering top of the line discounts on renowned national and International brands. Besides offering the ease of shopping at the click of a mouse, FirstCry.com gives its customers a wide range to choose from.


Brand USP: The USP of FirstCry.com is to give a huge variety and convenience to young moms so that they can choose the best product while sitting at home.

Brand Philosophy: FirstCry.com’s philosophy has been to be a world-class retailer and a best friend to a new mom. We strive hard to ensure that our customers and employees remember us and take pride in being with us.

Target Audience: FirstCry.com’s target audience comprises pregnant women and moms of kids less than 10 years old.

Marketing Strategy: Our primary focus is on pleasing our customers, who are the best marketers through word-of-mouth publicity. We also do a lot of digital marketing advertisements on various social media platforms such as Facebook. We are planning to launch a TV commercial soon.

Growth: FirstCry.com is growing at 30 per cent every month.

Expansion Plans: We are planning to increase our storage space. At present, we have one warehouse and we are planning to open multiple warehouses at different locations of the country. We have recently added GoodNight.com to FirstCry and we are planning to add more products to our portfolio.



A touch of luxury

Makoba is a first-of-its-kind luxury pens and gifts store in India. It was launched three years ago with the idea of retailing pens, lifestyle accessories, exquisite gifts and fine stationery. Makoba is dedicated to leading luxury brands from across the globe.


Brand USP: Our USP lies in offering our customers a wide range of unique luxury lifestyle products, providing excellent service and adding unmatched value to the pens or accessories by personalising them.

Brand Philosophy: Our philosophy is to provide our customers a unique shopping experience differentiated by our warm, impeccable service. We believe that every visit should be an enjoyable experience. Moreover, we make sure that all our products are prudently selected because only the best products deserve to be exhibited at Makoba.

Target Audience: Our target audience primarily comprises pen collectors, HNIs, business owners, industrialists, professionals and executives.

Marketing Strategy: Our marketing plans include advertising, sending out personal mailers, participating in events and exhibitions and organising customer loyalty programmes.

Growth: We have grown at about 20 per cent in the last quarter.

Expansion Plans: Over the next three years, we plan to launch three to five new stores across India besides adding more luxury brands to our kitty.


Sonal’s Bijoux

Wear your imagination

Sonal’s Bijoux is a niche jewellery brand that allows a customer to design and wear what she fancies. With a tagline that says “Wear your imagination", the brand makes sure that the end product leaves the customer beaming with pride.


Brand USP: At Sonal’s Bijoux, we believe in exclusivity born out of quality of workmanship and exquisiteness of design and not out of price. We help you explore your own tastes and guide you in expressing yourself openly.

Brand Philosophy: Our aim is to empower you to create and customise your own jewellery with ease and confidence.

Target Audience: People who associate with us are those who look at their jewellery as an integral part of their personality, as a statement about who they are and what they value.

Marketing Strategy: Since we focus on quality interaction with clients; the need for mass marketing has never arisen.It is primarily through participation in exhibitions and word of mouth generated by existing clients that we have grown our consumer base.

Growth: Since our launch in December 2010, we have attained a quarter-on-quarter growth of 15-20 per cent.

Expansion Plans: We are looking to focus exclusively on our growth in Mumbai over the next two years. The aim is to open a larger outlet in Mumbai by the end of FY-2013 and then shift focus to developing the Sonal’s Bijoux name in tier 1 cities



The cult of eternal youth

Blacksoul is a high-end jeanswear brand targeted at the youth of the country who swear by the latest statements in style. Launched in Mumbai in 2009, the brand offers apparels, including jeans, shirts, t-shirts, polos, shorts and skirts as well as accessories.


Brand USP: Blacksoul collection is purely youth oriented and is meant for people who are experimental in nature.

Brand Philosophy: The name Blacksoul truly represents today’s youth, who is all embracing and without any inhibitions. They are free spirited and cannot be contained.

Target Audience: We primarily cater to the hip, fashion conscious youth in the age group of 18-35 years.

Marketing Strategy: Our main focus is to ensure that we reach the best locations. Apart from that, we strongly believe that since it is a youth-oriented brand, we should organise all our activities around the festivals of various colleges across India. We also focus on fashion magazines to create awareness amongst the end users.

Growth: Over the last quarter of this finacial year, Blacksoul has attained marginal growth due to geographical expansion.

Expansion Plans: We intend to open EBOs in all metros and mini metros to start with. We also plan to go the MBO way through distribution channels. Over the next three years, we will also establish our presence in all leading large format stores.



Cast a spell

Bwitch is a youthful lingerie brand for the contemporary Indian woman, who is more experimental in her choices. After an extensive research of the innerwear market, Bwitch brings forth an ideal mix of all the key elements of a good lingerie.


Brand USP: Bwitch’s USP lies in the name itself. Bwitch makes the brand very youthful and fashionable. Adding to the name are the extraordinary designs and fits that leave the customers with no remorse.

Brand Philosophy: “Cast a Spell” is the brand’s philosophy and we strive to achieve the same for our consumers. We believe in excellence by being the best in what we do.

Target Audience: Bwitch mainly caters to women between 25 and 35 years. Bwitch is a brand for a new generation of women – active, modern and independent – who look for both comfort and seduction in innerwear.

Marketing Strategy: Bwitch is regularly involved in various ATL and BTL activities nationwide. We advertise in most of the popular monthlies like F

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