And, it is widely expected that over the next few years, the role of technology in retail will also expand and gradually play a strategic role, given the mantra “integration for easy communication”.
And, the key question is, retailers, big or small, have you ever considered integrating your entire office records in one place, and accessing it anywhere and anytime? Microsoft recognises that retailers are gradually scaling up their operations on a pan India basis and are offering a suitable IT solution for this segment.
The product - Microsoft Office 365, is an office suite for businesses who want to grow and at the same time enable their IT teams to enhance their productivity, in a cost efficient manner. Apart from that, this software also helps the sales and back-end staff of a retailer achieve greater customer satisfaction.
Microsoft Office 365 has been launched as a comprehensive solution for businesses at affordable prices. Also, the system is rather easy to operate and it also allows authorised users, whether top management or an ordinary employee to add value to a business.
This product also enables you to integrate various business tools and also connect a multilingual staff.
Microsoft Office 365 ensures that your complete office stays with you, wherever you are. This solution offers you a SkyDrive which is easily accessible with a free storage of 20 GB, and it understands the dynamics of your business.
Also, with SkyDrive, you can create new documents, presentations and spreadsheets, and share them with other colleagues and partners easily. And, a good Internet connection is all you need to get started and you don’t need to bother about upgrading your software, as it runs on an auto upgrade mode. So, you are always working with the latest Office 365 and suitable security software has already been installed to ensure the integrity of your data. And, you can simply focus on your core retail operations.
With all your data online, the risks are considerable and to overcome any fears, SkyDrive helps ensure security. That’s because all your documents are safe with you in the SkyDrive alongside, and you can decide who has access to this information.
Clearly, Microsoft Office 365 is an ideal solution and it allows you to seamlessly integrate your retail operations at competitive costs.
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