BUSY, an integrated business accounting software is a one-stop- shop solution for the retail sector, and it has over five lakh users worldwide.In a candid conversation, Varun Yadav, Sr. Manager – Marketing and International Business, and S P Ranjan, GM – Sales, share their views.
Retailer: Kindly throw light on adoption of technology among SMEs in retail industry?
Varun Yadav (VY): Technology adoption is on the rise among SMEs in the retail sector and it is one of the largest verticals. And, more than two million SMEs in retail sector are keen to get tech-enabled, according to a recent study by Zinnov Consulting.
Retailer: How will your product help a retailer?
S P Ranjan (SPR):A retailer’s business has become complex and traditional ways may not work. And, taking into account the complexities of the retail sector today, BUSY has tailor-made features and they include a billing module which has customised invoice formats, apart from features to manage inventory, based on MRP and other factors like size, colour, brand and style.
Retailer: Where can mall developer purchase this product?
(SPR): Our marketing network consists of more than 200 channel partners and 5,000 resellers across India, and our partners ensure successful implementation of this solution. Also, the servicing is done by our channel partners.
Retailer: Is it easy to get an upgrade?
(VY): This product is frequently updated and we are working on a web-based solution..
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