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How has the journey of Potato Hut been so far?
Our brand and products have been liked and appreciated by everyone, from our customers to mall partners and real estate owners as our concept is quite unique in the Indian market. In a short span of time, we have registered our trademark in India. As of now, we have signed area franchise for 20 locations in Mumbai, four locations in Gujarat and several single locations in Hyderabad and Delhi NCR, among many others. In August 2017, we opened our first store at the World Mark Mall Food Court Aero City, IGI Airport, New Delhi.  To make our journey smooth in India, we have braced ourselves by stabilizing and standardizing our operating system, supply chains, marketing teams, and customized menu; now, we are all set to expand and franchise.

What’s your current product offering and price point?

Currently, we have a range of vegetarian food items on our menu. All in all, we have around 15 different sumptuous recipes available at an average price of around Rs 125 per serving with chargeable additional toppings. We also serve beverages, including energy drinks, soft drinks, juices, and a unique big bread soup bowl.

What is the rationale behind the name Potato Hut?

Potato is a universal favourite vegetable, which has been consumed by almost every civilisation in every age; so our idea is quite explicit – we want to target a mass audience. Moreover, our product represents brand affordability and acceptance.

How do you maintain a balance between taste and nutrition?

Unlike the famous recipe for crispy crunchy fried potatoes, we deliver baked potatoes that are fat and cholesterol-free. Our recipe is a perfect amalgamation of toppings, sauces and spices, yet it’s a great source of potassium, iron and niacin.

Could you share your expansion plans? Which cities are you targeting in India?  

We have plans to open our kiosks, mobile express and cafe fixed shops in Tier 1 cities like Delhi NCR, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Kolkata and Hyderabad. Besides Punjab, Haryana and the northeast region are also on our scanner. Tourist hubs like Shimla, Goa, Ooty as well as mall spaces, food courts, atriums, universities, high-end markets can be targeted too. Moreover, any individual or organisation having entrepreneurial skills and mindset is welcome to join us.


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