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With more than 7000 retailers and 450 registered Industries, Pumpkart is aggressively looking to expand its service network across the states of Punjab, Haryana and Himachal Pradesh this year.
The store showcases perfumes ranging from their luxury fragrances to their everyday scents and it even exhibits their halal certified collection.
The British iconic footwear brand is also looking at expanding its end-customer touchpoints from current 600 to 1,500 over the same period.
NeoMart lets local vendors and retailers connect with their consumers digitally allowing them to choose their own geographical and product parameters.
With a strong focus on providing progressive fashion to its customers, the brand seeks to further propel its goal of becoming a global brand with Indian roots.
However, Bose will remain open its 130 stores in Greater China and the United Arab Emirates as well as additional stores in India, Southeast Asia, and South Korea.
With this, the solitaire jewellery brand targets to make the best of the solitaires available to their customers in the comfort of their home.
This is the first time that Ajmal will also be retailing its enticing range of luxurious perfumes through Shoppers Stop, thus catering to a growing clientele and perfume lovers of the north.
The launch of WeChat Work and Cloud Stores enables Watsons China to provide personalised service and round-the-clock shopping experience to customers.
The company aims to digitize 10 million MSMEs with this investment, helping Indian businesses grow by selling online worldwide and enabling $10B in cumulative exports by 2025.
The store is designed with an aim to provide an engaging, interactive and immersive experience to the consumers.
TNS' technology, which already supports more than one million SIMs across the Americas, Europe and the Asia Pacific regions, can be used with any wireless point-of-sale (POS) terminal in India.
The funds will also be used to launch more brands under the Honasa umbrella, all of which will be internet-first and focused on the needs of the new-age, millennial consumers.
The company has a total of sixteen stores across the country with the fourteen more in the pipeline, to be launched in the year ahead.
The company is further eyeing to operate 100 new OnePlus Experience Stores across the top 50 cities of the country by the year 2020.