A car that drives itself

Driverless car is not only for the dreams, it is about to hit the roads very soon……

Have you ever thought of a car that doesn’t need a driver or even you for that matter? Imagine a remote controlled car like the toy cars, on real roads. The dream is just about to be realized as few engineers test drive a car on the roads of California. They are optimistic that such a car would help contain accidents.


The Technology

The car has a video camera on its roof. There is a radar sensor and laser range detector also to determine the traffic. The drivers for the test drive were software experts and trained drivers who could control the car at any time, and the route was preplanned. Local police is informed beforehand and there are some unique softwares that immediately raise alarm in case something comes close to the car.


Kudos to Sebastian

Sebastian who invented this is an engineer with google and he proudly informs that at least 7 cars are being  tested as they have already completed 1, 000 miles. In case, at times, it needs to be controlled by a driver, than it has covered 1 lakh 40 thousand mile. It has passed narrow lanes, dangerous zones and even highways without any accident.

According to Sebastian, safety is the top priority of this project. He is optimistic that these will curtail accidents.

Once this car from google hits the streets, we would change the world the way we changed it with internet.