Beverage startup Raw Pressery eyeing dairy segment to expand its portfolio

The company further looks to expand internationally, in the UAE, Qatar and Kuwait.
Raw Pressery

Raw Pressery, known for its cold-pressed juices, is looking to introduce dairy products for the first time starting next month, moving away from its core competence. The company’s move is aimed towards expanding its product portfolio and pushing growth.

Anuj Rakyan, Founder and CEO of Rakyan Beverages, which runs Raw Pressery, said, “We will launch high protein dairy next month in the milk, shakes and drinkable yogurt format.”

The beverage startup’s cold-pressed juices contribute to 85% of its revenue. The firm is now targeting two segments, almond milk and dairy products, to fuel growth.

“Even in non-dairy, we will continue to expand our almond milk range in 200 ML and 1 LTR. Apart from plain, cocoa, we are also launching mango and dates variant this month,” Rakyan stated.

Raw Pressery is expecting the non-juice segments to contribute to more than half of its turnover in the next three years.

The company further looks to expand internationally, in the UAE, Qatar and Kuwait. It believes that these are attractive juice markets because of a culture of juice consumption, as well as disposable incomes far higher than that in India.

Raw Pressery is also eyeing  Southeast Asia for expansion.

Rakyan said, “UAE, Qatar, Kuwait are large juice markets; and SouthEast Asia is a growing juice market that is definitely on the cards for us. For now, we’ll concentrate on Metro Tier 1-2 as there is sufficient growth in the top 12 cities where we get 50-55% (of revenue) from the top 4 cities.”