CCD: To invest Rs 150 crore on rebranding

With an investment of Rs 150 crore, Caf Coffee Day (CCD) is planning to roll out

With an investment of Rs 150 crore, Café Coffee Day (CCD) is planning to roll out
180 outlets, this fiscal. CCD plans to expand its current 970 stand alone outlets to 1,150
within this fiscal, aiming 2000 outlet mark by 2015. Out of proposed 180 stores, 65
would be new format lounge and eight squares built in an area of 1,200 sq ft and 2,000
sq ft, respectively. The investment would also include the rebranding exercises. A
significant change in the rebranding strategy is the transformation of the famous square
Café Coffee Day logo to a ‘Dialogue Box’, with the words Café Coffee Day written in
a distinct, specially created font , which symbolizes the companies motto of providing a
perfect place to relax and dialogue.

Other features include all new smart menu, take away dining, comfortable seating option
and different cutlery. When asked about the inspiration behind rebranding, Alok Gupta,
Director, Café Coffee Day, India, said, “It all started as a consumer-insight exercise to
figure out what actually the consumers want from CCD as a brand, and we found out that
they see it as a place where conversation takes place and also brand CCD has a global
aspiration, that is, we wanted to be ‘culturally neutral, globally relevant’. I think the new
rebranding strategy takes care of both”.