Caf Coffee Day goes for a complete makeover

In an attempt to do a complete makeover, Caf Coffee Day (CCD)

In an attempt to do a complete makeover, Café Coffee Day (CCD) is set
to launch a new logo.

To meet the mission, the company is planning to infuse around Rs 130
crore this year and open 180 outlets and also revamp the existing ones
with new logo.

“We are going for a complete makeover right from the change in logo to
renovating the interiors and adding new formats such as Lounge and
Square. We will be investing around Rs 130-crore this fiscal towards
achieving the same,” CCD's Director, Alok Gupta said.

In the present scenario, Café Coffee Day (CCD) has approximately 970
company-owned outlets and 1,000 CCD Express joints based on

The company plans to scale-up its own stand-alone outlets to 1,150
this fiscal. By 2015, it intends to touch the 2,000 mark, Gupta said.