Cafe Coffee Day to expand formats

The coffee shop is also planning to launch a loyalty card for customers

Cafe Coffee Day, the chain of coffee shops from the Amalgamated Bean Coffee Trading Co, is expanding all its formats even as it prepares to launch a loyalty programme in its mass market chain.


"We have three formats, with the Coffee Day Square at the top, for the coffee connoisseur who wants a single origin liquid rather like a single malt (whiskey) drinker. Below the CD Square is the Coffee Day Lounge which is for those of our customers who've grown up with the CCD brand and now, as working people want to move out of the cafe but still want a hangout. Then, there are the mass market cafes, the CCDs," explained Ramakrishnan K, president, marketing, CCD.



With 1180 CCD outlets, the company is looking to grow the other two formats as well, Ramakrishnan said.

The coffee chain is also looking at launching a loyalty card before the end of this fiscal, in an aggressive move to push its products. The chain had run a limited pilot in Pune earlier in the year, which was more in the form of a discount card to encourage a small bunch of high users.