Centuary Mattresses Appoints Sania Mirza As Its Brand Ambassador

Sania Mirza will be seen in all the marketing campaigns and collaterals of the brand, emphasizing on the 'Power of Better Sleep'.

Persistent in its aggressive strategy of becoming the largest mattresses player in the country, Centuary Mattresses has announced the appointment of Sania Mirza as its brand ambassador.

This move also makes one of India’s leading mattress brand an early mover amongst the Indian mattress companies to have an association with a celebrity brand ambassador. Compared to the market growth rate of 10-11 percent in the past decade, Centuary Mattresses has been maintaining a CAGR of 19 percent per annum to be one of the fastest growing brands in comfort and bedding industry in India.

Sania Mirza will be seen in all the marketing campaigns and collaterals of the brand; emphasizing on the ‘Power of Better Sleep’ and a nation-wide campaign across various media.

Announcing the appointment, Uttam Malani, Executive Director, Centuary Mattresses said, “Sania Mirza who is a firm believer in the importance of sleep in her own success story was found to be an ideal personality to come on board as Centuary Mattresses’ brand ambassador. The brand intends to leverage Sania’s popularity as a multi-faceted youth icon and a top women athlete to connect with the hardworking and aspirational youth of India who needs the power of better sleep to chase their dreams.”

While commenting on her appointment as the Brand Ambassador of Centuary Mattresses Ace International Tennis player Sania Mirza said, “I always endorse the brands that I believe in and brands I associate myself on a personal level as well. I am proud to be associated by Centuary Mattresses as we both share the same vision of dreaming big to achieve greater successes and the power of better sleep to chase those dreams. India Ka sleep specialist is now my sleep specialist too.”

The company has also planned to expand its presence and penetration across India by adding to its 200-odd exclusive brand outlets and 3,000 plus multi-brand dealers; riding on the wave of excitement generated through the endorsement and upcoming campaign with Sania Mirza coupled with the launch of innovative new products.