Coca-Cola- India is among top markets

Aims to invest USD 5 billion by2020

Leading beverage company Coca-Cola India, is going ahead with its planned investments of USD 5 billion till 2020, to further capture growth opportunities in the packaged beverage market. “Our investments in India are on track as we build scale, manufacturing capacity, distribution capability and a robust product portfolio to realize our business goals in India,” said Ahmet C. Bozer, Executive Vice President and President, Coca-Cola International, The Coca-Cola Company. “Achieving continued sustainable, responsible growth in India is core to achieving The Coca-Cola Company’s 2020 Vision of doubling system revenues in this decade. Our ongoing investment in the country is focused on delivering innovation, partnerships and a beverage portfolio that enhances the consumer experience, ensures product affordability and builds brand loyalty to deliver long-term growth. If we continue to focus on doing the right things in this market, India could emerge as a top five market for The Coca-Cola Company by 2020,” added  Bozer at inauguration of bottling unit at Greater Noida.

Adding to Bozer’s comments, Atul Singh, Deputy President, Pacific Group, The Coca-Cola Company, said, “As we celebrate 20 years of Coca-Cola in India, we are also taking this as a milestone to re-dedicate ourselves towards building the India operations, as a business for the future. We have now laid a solid foundation for the business, which we believe, can contend with some of the economic headwinds that we see unfolding. While we can dwell on the global macroeconomic factors, I believe that we are better off keeping ourselves focused on building people capability, enhancing our rural presence, investing in R&D and building a portfolio of relevant and loved brands.” He further added, “Along with our bottling partners we are aligned to build a long term, sustainable business in India rather than working on short term quick fixes to meet quarterly targets.”Over the last 20 years, the Coca-Cola India system has partnered with government bodies, civil society and business organizations to play a positive role in the growth and development of communities.