Coffee Day Square launches in Chennai

Plans to launch 400 outlet over next few years

Ramakrishnan launched the café chain’s first Coffee Day Square in Chennai and fourth in the country. It currently has over 2,000 outlets in four formats — Kiosk, Café, Lounge, and Square. Square is a business-class outlet spread over 2,000 sq ft with a range of products to offer.

CCD has a presence in 210 towns across the country. Speaking at launch K. Ramakrishnan said,  “This is proof enough that café is not just an urban phenomenon. People in tier III towns also long for café experience,”. CCD is a part of Rs 5,000-crore Amalgamated Bean Coffee Trading Co Ltd.

 Ramakrishnan  also informed  that  the café chain plans to launch at least 400 more outlets in the next 2-3 years across various formats. The café market is getting cluttered with many domestic and international brands. However, CCD is way ahead of its competition