DIESL increases focus on retail sector

The appointment of Noel Tata as Chairman of DIESL is expected to add to this contribution

DIESL (Drive India Enterprise Solution Limited), Tata group’s logistics arm, is increasing its focus on the Retail Sector which contributes over 10% to its service business revenues. With Noel Tata's recent appointment as its Chairman DIESL expects to improve the contribution of the fast growing retail sector in its business mix.


Says Ajay Chopra, “There is a huge opportunity for Logistics Companies in the Retail segment. Size of market may remain same but the magnitude of operations will increase manifold. Technology will be a decisive factor in managing lakhs of SKUs and other challenges that present itself in a magnitude laden scenario. DIESL is investing over 100 crores in technology and offers clients flexibility while allowing them to focus solely on retail operations. DIESL also adds value in procurement by aiding the movement of stocks in cost efficient manner. Status/visibility of goods in the supply chain is crucial to manage inventory and with track and trace technologies we provide real time visibility and status to our retail clients”


DIESL’s Retail clients include Croma, E office planet, P3, Landmark and Narang foods. DIESL is also focusing on Reverse logistics in the Retail Sector.