DLF breaks up with Alcott

Alcott was not doing well in Indian market

DLF Brands, a DLF subsidiary that retails fashion brands in the country, has ended its agreement to sell Italian company Alcott's collection, according to its managing director Timmy Sarna. She said, “We are shutting down Alcott as it is not performing too well in India," Further she informed that the company has ended the franchise partnership started with Alcott in 2008. So far, it is unclear whether Alcott will look for new franchise partner to survive or wind-up Indian operations.  However, a statement was released from Alcott side in 2011 stating brand is doing good, and the company aims to convert the partnership with DLF into a joint venture. DLF Brands, which had about 15 Alcott stores across the country, plans to shut down its last operational Alcott store, located in a south Delhi mall, later this month.