Domino's repositions itself

Launches new logo and tag line.

From a functional promise of fulfilling hunger needs through 'Hungry Kya?' to adding an emotional touch of happiness to a box of pizza with 'Khushiyon Ki Home Delivery'. Domino's Pizza has arrived at a juncture where they realised that the brand had to now find a deeper and more emotional connect with the consumer and evolve into a pure life space.

Harneet Singh, VP- Marketing, Domino's Pizza India says, "Through some of our studies on Pizza consumption we realized that pizza time is not just about hot, fresh and cheesy pizzas, but is also a moment when people come together and bond. A small but an important time when people take time out from their regimented & busy lives and spend a few
moments with each other. It's when family and friends come together, reunite and spend moments together, over a pizza.We believe that time spent over a pizza makes relationships stronger, livelier and warmer. It is this belief that has been articulated in our new baseline 'Yeh Hai Rishton Ka Time'.
The campaign is an attempt to illustrate this belief through various life situations. It captures various montages of people in varied relationships across age groups and geographies. Wherehow something special happened to them and small but memorable stories were created over slices of Domino’s pizza. The campaign has been conceptualized by Contract Advertising.