Dubai's 'Mumma Zone' in Kashmir

Jammu and Delhi next on list for opening of stores.

Mumma Zone from Dubai opened its first outlet in India in Kashmir. Specialising in mother and child care products, Mumma Zone has chalked out plans for further expansion in India. On offer are fashion clothes and accessories for new born and kids up to the age of eight years. Child safety products for use at homes, in cars or during travelling make a child’s younger years playful yet secure. Maternity products for expecting mothers present them the convenience of shopping for the baby and themselves, under one roof.

“Our regional expertise and market knowledge have enabled us to build the most dynamic and successful range of mother and child products throughout the UAE, Bahrain, Kuwait and Qatar. There is a need for such outlets in Kashmir. The valley markets are witnessing a change, so such stores could be handy,” said leading Lactation Consultant, Jozie Habib, who is associated with the company.