Dulux Professional suite launched

An online suite to provide design related support to professionals.
Dulux, a brand of AkzoNobel, has launched Dulux Professional, an internet-based suite of resources aimed at providing design-related support services to professionals, anytime and anywhere.
The new suite of services empowers the real-estate developers, architects and interior designers with all paint-related assistance and offers a range of services that equips these professionals with tools and assists them in selection of appropriate products that meet their painting needs, across the conceptualisation and completion of projects.

Pushkar Jain, Marketing Manager, Dulux, said, “Dulux Professional provides the design practitioners with the flexibility of time and allows them to select, preview, and decide the most appropriate painting solutions in the most economic manner. This internet-based resource allows the customers to consult our experts, both online and at the location to their project site.”

The key features of this suite include Dulux Colour Palette, Colour and Contrast Guidelines and Colour Signature services.