Greener connectivity to CITYWALK

Select CITYWALK and Green Wheels start Metro feeder service.

In a novel initiative to provide a modern and state-of-the-art public transportation system to its patrons, Select CITYWALK brings a new service aiming to bridge the connectivity gap to the metro stations. Branded as ‘G- Rik’, these eco-friendly electric vehicles will bring in world class mode of travel, and provide a more efficient, faster and better quality public transport system. 25 such vehicles will operate between the Malviya Nagar Metro Station and the CITYWALK premises.

The G-rik will be a step towards ensuring that the last mile connectivity issue is no longer a sour point for commuters. With its innovative design and its international looks, it will provide a viable pollution-free and environment-friendly solution for commuters in Delhi.

As told to, the service can be availled at a mere Rs 10 per person and will be available all through the week.