Gurgaon Shopping Festival expects CWG Visitors

The forthcoming Common Wealth Games - 2010 provide an excellent

The forthcoming Common Wealth Games - 2010 provide an excellent opportunity for Gurgaon
to attract visitors from Delhi, NCR, adjoining states as well as international players, investors,
tourists, delegates and media.

Organized by Haryana Tourism Mart, REDCO Haryana and Gurgaon Administration, Gurgaon
Shopping Festival 2010 will provide a fillip to business; transform trade, commerce and realty
through a heady cocktail of culture, heritage, food, music, fashion, shopping and complete
family entertainment.

Already famed as a magical city, GSF 2010 will add more glitter and glamour to Gurgaon
which is a soul city destined to win hearts and minds through this experience and showcase
the rich heritage and culture of Haryana to visitors. Replete with entertainment and consumer
engagement activities, GSF will bring Gurgaon alive.

GSF 2010 is being organized to promote Gurgaon as India’s millennium city on the threshold
of becoming a global, business and leisure hub to unveil the best shopping deals of ‘Brand
Gurgaon’, to expose youth and corporate of Gurgaon & NCR to ‘Adventure Sports’ and ‘Auto