HSIL plans to expand in European markets

The nation's well-known sanitaryware and glass bottles

The nation’s well-known sanitaryware and glass bottles manufacturer, HSIL is looking
forward to the European markets to spread its expansion wings. The company is
considering acquiring a European brand settling at a deal size of $5 million and expects
to close the package within six months.

“We have short-listed 3-4 European companies and the deal-size could be around USD 5-
million. We expect to seal the deal in about six-months,” HSIL's President, Buildings &
Products, R B Kabra, said.

The company is also opting for firms, which have an excellent distribution system spread
in Europe.

The Rs 800-crore company, which presently has two manufacturing facilities in
Delhi and Hyderabad, plans to set up a third one in the western part of the country
with a capacity of 1.5-million pieces packing an investment plan of 80-100 crores