'Hariyali First' Customer Loyalty Program

Rural India's first ever loyalty program launched by Hariyali Kisaan Bazaar

Hariyali Kisaan Bazaar is the rural retail arm of DCM Shriram Consolidated Ltd. (DSCL). It is India’s largest rural retail chain with 275 outlets across eight states; Hariyali has announced the launch of ‘HARIYALI FIRST’, its customer loyalty program.


‘Hariyali First’ is a point based program that has differential point systems for different categories. The benefit of these points is over and above the other offers that might be running at the outlet.


M. Rajesh Gupta, President, Hariyali Kisaan Bazaar said, announcing the launch, “This is rural India’s first ever card based loyalty program. This program strives to enrich value proposition and add value to the modern shopping experience of the customer by allowing earning and redemption of points on merchandise categories like Food & Groceries, Household and Life Style products. It is also a delight to farmers as products required for agricultural needs are also covered under this program. 


He added, “Program will also help us to understand individual customers’ needs and his shopping behaviour. This will serve as a guide to provide even better offerings to the rural customers. We are very confident that customers will be benefitted through this program in days of high inflation by shopping good quality products at competitive prices and accumulating additional saving through this program.”