House of Marley launches in India

Audio products that embody Bob Marley's vision to India.


Introducing India to a brand new world of sound, the House of Marley makes its debut with a collection of superior quality, earth-friendly, cause-minded personal audio products that embody  Bob  Marley Family‘s value of equality,  unity, sustainability and charity. Following the vision of Bob Marley, these brand values form the corner posts of the brand. Bringing them to the Indian terrain is Focal Audio Systems Pvt Ltd., the sole distributor of House of Marley in India. Carrying out his father’s vision and principles on behalf of  the  Marley family is  Rohan Marley, who will showcase a variety of models ranging from in-ear and on-ear headphones to portable speaker docks. All of these products are made of sustainable materials, without compromising on the superior quality of sound and design, and a portion of the proceeds are given back through to approved charities.
Explaining the philosophy of The House of Marley Rohan says, “We want to show people innovative ways to experience the sound of their favorite songs while giving back something at the same time. Our father  has taught us that everything we do must have a sustainable impact. This is why we not only pay much attention to the excellent quality of our products, but also on a sustainable development and utilization of them. In addition, it is important for us to combine our proceeds with non-profit and aid projects.”
In  India, The House of Marley is launching its  three MARLEY branded collections — Jammin’,  Freedom  and  Destiny - that embody the Marley family’s values of  equality, unity, authenticity, sustainability and charity. Akshay Kohli of Focal Audio Pvt Ltd. says, “We are delighted to be a part of an innovative audio electronic brand that represents international music sensation Bob Marley's beliefs and vision. Focal audio is the sole distributor for House of Marley in India and we're certain that the response from our Indian consumers is definitely going to be nothing but sensational!”