Hulsta plans to open 14 stores in India

Hulsta, the German furniture manufacturer and exporter, is on


Hulsta, the German furniture manufacturer and exporter, is on the expanding spree to open 14 stores in the next two years in India. The 900-million-euro complete customised home solutions provider has two Hulsta outlets in Delhi and Mumbai and plans to open two more in Hyderabad and Chennai by the end of this year.


Though the brand name of the company is still in the nascent stage, this is the first time that the company is providing an experience and customized solutions to Indian audience as the requirements and need. The company has recently entered the market.


The furniture market worth is Rs 42,300 cr of which organized sector is just one tenth of the total. So the brand segment enjoys smaller pie. Since the growth trajectory is 30% annually tracing the factors like increasing disposable incomes, reduction in import duties, growth in real estate and organised retail sector and awareness of brand and quality amongst consumers.

The products are all custom-made at Hulsta’s lone manufacturing facility in Germany.