ITC unveils loyalty programme

Synergises ITC's premium luxury & lifestyle businesses.
The ITC group has announced the introduction of a reward and recognition programme, Club ITC, a synergy between ITC’s premium luxury and lifestyle businesses – ITC Hotels and Wills Lifestyle. Club ITC widens the gamut for recognition and redemption through premium benefits and privileges to endorsers of both brands that include hotel stays, gourmet experiences, spa sojourns, haute couture encounters and high-end benefits with partner establishments.
The programme redefines the conventional paradigms of loyalty programmes with its ‘Green at Heart’ motto, whilst enabling faster earning and accumulations of ‘Green Points’ at over 50 ITC Hotels and 80 Wills Lifestyle stores in the country.   
‘Green at Heart’ Club ITC supports ITC’s Mission Sunhera Kal – a unique rural capacity building initiative that, amongst others, also empowers women and provides livelihoods to raise rural incomes. Members can choose to donate their accumulated ‘Green’ points towards this initiative. In addition, Club ITC matches and donates an equal amount to the Mission Sunhera Kal initiative.
Commenting on the launch, B Hariharan, Vice President-Marketing, ITC Hotels, said, “Consumer loyalty or preference for a brand cannot be predominantly linked with rewards. Loyalty and commitment is a function of the consumer’s experience with the brand. Therefore, the choice of a brand is based on the intrinsic qualities and values it represents. Loyalty programmes reward that commitment.”
A member endorsing either of the two brands –  ITC Hotels and/or Wills Lifestyle – is entitled to avail of the benefits that accrue from the brands, thereby augmenting enhanced recognition and rewards.