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India Invest Tour to take Indian real estate market abroad

The Indian real estate industry seems to be very prosperous with the augmentation of the FDI investment and this sector, according to a recent Assocham survey

August 19, 2008  |  comments ( 0 )  | 
The Indian real estate industry seems to be very prosperous with the augmentation of the FDI investment and this sector, according to a recent Assocham survey, is looking forward to see a growth rate of 40-45% in 2008. Recognizing the accurate instance in the Indian real estate sector, The Invest India Tour London 2008 (IITL 2008) has been raised by E18, Experimental Division of Network18 in association with Cento International Investments. The first edition of IITL 2008 corresponds with The Property Investor Show, a very popular show in London going to be happened in this September. IITL 2008 targets to underline the booming Indian real estate sector on the international platform in this show. While speaking about the IITL 2008, Mr. Nayan Bavishi, the market expert and MD of Baron Group International said, "Now NRIs have a huge demand for residing in India that opens the door for the world`s big property investors. Due to high expectation of ROI, India is being considered as `investment hub` and several UK developers are keen to make joint-ventures with the Indian developers. The tour will provide a base to interact Indian real estate developers with the foreign investors. Alternatively, PE Funding companies are also stepping into the Indian market and I firmly believe, our tour is brought at the ideal time to utilize these big opportunities." The Invest India Tour would be an annual event and alter according to the needs of the real estate sector every year. Mr. Dharmesh Datta, National Head, Corporate Business, E18 said, "The real estate sector is an important pillar of the flourishing Indian economy and with this tour we are sure enough to bring a rise in the real estate investments." On the other hand, the Sales Director of Cento International Investments Mr. Nitesh Alargh cited that IITL 2008 would be a three-day exhibition (organized by Homebuyer Events Ltd.) to showcase the potential of Indian real estate market to the world. The exhibition expects more than 50,000 footfalls with a most rewarding opportunity for breeding outstanding businesses. In a short conversation, Mr. Bavishi said to our Reporter Subhro Prakash Ghosh, "Investing in India will benefit the foreign investors as here the ROI probability is 40-45%, which is 0% in UK. These investors have already invested in the markets like Spain, Dubai, Carribean and Portugal and received splendid responses. In Europe and US due to severe competition and some issues generated by the West they are reluctant to invest there. But India is not affected by these problems and the growth is going on."

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