Inorbit Mall hailed by fans

Has over 3,75,000 fans on Facebook.


Inorbit Malls now has the largest fan base amongst all malls across the world. Inorbit Malls went past Mall of America which had the most number of fans across the world for a long period of time. Inorbit Malls have now 375,000 people who have liked the official page making it the most popular mall on the social networking site. On an average, there are about 85,000 people on a monthly basis who are talking about the Inorbit Mall Fan Page on Social Media.

Speaking on the achieving the feat, Kishore Bhatija, CEO, Inorbit Malls says, “We take great pride and honour in having achieved this feat. It means a lot to everyone who is associated with Inorbit Malls to have become the most popular mall across the world on Social Media today. With the youth hooked on to the internet, we have always been sure about Social Media Marketing being crucial to our success. We had several aspects of Social Media as a part of our strategy which we executed to perfection and ensuring that we engaged with our fans. I am very glad that our patrons are not just coming to our malls, but they are also interacting with us online through the various social media platforms.”

The Inorbit Fan Page saw an enormous amount of engagement in the past 12 months. There were over 125,000 unique impressions on the Facebook Fan Page every month and over 70,000 people who checked in at Inorbit Mall across the country last year. The Inorbit Mall Facebook Fan Page has been revamped to make it more engaging and interactive, to invite the fans to participate in various quiz contests and win exciting prizes.