Inorbit Malls plan to expand

Looking to acquire few projects as well

Inorbit Malls India Pvt. Ltd, a part of AK Raheja Corp Group, plans to develop four more malls in different cities in the next few years. Among these four two will come in Pune, and rest two in Hyderbad and Chennai.  Same time, the company is looking to acquire one brown-field project each in Chennai and Bangalore. Kishore Bhatija, Managing  Director, CEO, Inorbit  Malls, said, “ The company is also targeting  at tier 2, 3 cities like Mysore, Nagpur  as there is  still room for better-managed and right-sized malls. Inorbit plans to add one mall each year to its inventory. Currently it has 3.2 million sq ft of operational commercial mall area (including Vadodara) and plans to increase it by 2 million sq ft in the next five years. “