"It's About Us" opens at Delhi

New Delhi based MAAG Entertainment Pvt. Ltd

New Delhi based MAAG Entertainment Pvt. Ltd has launched its first Restaurant "It's About Us" at S -15, Green Park Extension Market, New Delhi. A stone's throw away from the newly opened metro station of Green Park the forty Eight (48) cover Restaurant hopes in Encouraging the urban metropolitan to indulge in their quest for inventiveness.

Under the guidance of Mr. Satish Sehgal who has 40 years of experience in the industry the restaurant has on offer sublime fusion of traditional Indian delicacies and culinary creativity.

The large menu of over sixty (60) dishes ranging from pre-starter soups and salads to choose from the main course will have guests choosing between Poultry, Meat, Seafood, Vegetarian and Biryanis.

Vegetarians will also be able to savour dishes including Mushroom Kofta Korma, Steamed Saffron Idlis, Crispy Wafers, Hyderabadi-Style Baby Aubergines, besan gatta, kurkuri bhindi, Garlic and Cumin Raita among others.

The food is crafted keeping in mind the original flavours of the key ingredients and cooked carefully while preserving their essence. Tastes are balanced and one main tone is kept alive specific to each dish

"In addition to the authentic fold, "It's About Us" will also offer a large selection of deserts produced by is own kitchen with new and interesting culmination of flavours like Cumin infused chocolate cake and saffron cheese cake with Illaichi Ice Cream" said Mr Sehgal