KFC looks to make a splash in the QSR segment with the launch of "Krushers"

KFC, the youthful and iconic brand, infused fresh energy
KFC, the youthful and iconic brand, infused fresh energy in the QSR segment with the launch of Krushers- a unique range of chilled, `really thick, really tasty` beverages specially created to suit the Indian palate. Competitively priced between Rs39 - Rs 59, Krushers will be available in six unique flavours and promises to offer consumers an overload of experience with great taste and value. Speaking at the launch Mr Niren Chaudhary, Managing Director, Yum! Restaurants India said, “KFC is known for finger lickin` good food served in a cool ambience that provides our consumers a unique experience. Krushers is being launched as a sub-brand within KFC which will appeal to a younger and edgier audience who is always on the look out for unique and cool experiences.” He further added, “This is the first time a national QSR is focusing on beverages as business category and Krushers is slated to contribute an incremental sales layer to our existing KFC sales. I am confident that our consumers will slurp, lick, munch and drool over these really thick and really tasty beverages that promise an overload of experience.” Targeted at the `Cool Hunters` i.e. the youth who are always looking for the next cool thing to try out, Krushers reiterates the company`s commitment to innovation and focus on offering consumers finger lickin` good food and beverages. Krushers is being positioned as an indulgent drink offering snack value during mid meals and a perfect accompaniment for the finger licking good KFC meals.