Kurl-on plans to double revenues to over 2000 crores in three years

The company plans to expand market share by catering to next-gen, young customers with a slew of innovative products.

Kurl-on, India’s leading & largest selling mattress, home furniture and furnishing brand, today announced the company’s plans to double revenues to over 2000 crores from the current 1050 crore in the next three years. A key growth driver will be Kurl-on’s strategy to further expand its market share by increasing focus and catering to the next-gen, young Indian consumer with a slew of innovative products and technology, besides launching exclusive, high-end products for the premium and affluent market. Kurl-on expects these new market demographics to contribute to a significant 25% of its total sales in the next three years. 

Besides, Kurl-on also announced that it will expand its exclusive, premium chain of home furniture & furnishing outlets- “Home Komfort by Kurl-on”, targeting the mid-premium urbanites from its current 920  to 2500  by 2020. Delhi, NCR and the Northern market comprising Chandigarh, Amritsar, Jaipur, Kanpur, Lucknow will be among the key markets for Kurl-on as part of this growth strategy and Kurl-on expects that these markets will grow to contribute 25% of its total revenues from 18 % at present. 

Announcing its growth plans, at a press briefing held in the national capital today, Kurl-on also launched ‘Sleep Station-Mattress in a Box’ and ‘STR8’ technology mattresses, two pioneering products highly relevant to young consumers, leading busy daily routines and looking for higher comfort and convenience. ‘Mattress in a box’ introduces to the domestic market a globally successful product, that enables the young, digital savvy consumer shop for mattresses as easily and quickly as he/she does for any of their other home furnishings. The mattress packed in an easy to carry box can either be purchased by customers online from the comfort of their homes or easily carried back home, from any of the Kurl-on brand outlets.

‘STR8’ technology is Kurl-on’s pioneering technology developed post the success of its earlier launched ‘Kurlopedic Technology’ and is a first of its kind product providing the right balance of firmness and softness in mattresses enabling appropriate muscle relaxation and growth, much needed for the vast majority, leading hectic lifestyles and exercising very less. The two products are an addition to the recent launch of Kurl-on’s exclusive sofa range, catering to the hitherto untapped semi-premium market in India. 

Speaking at the press briefing, Sudhakar Pai, Chairman and MD, Kurl-on said, “From being a brand synonymous with mattresses, we are emerging to provide holistic home comfort solutions, including home furniture & furnishings and this segment has seen a significant 25% growth in sales over the last year. More importantly though, we have seen the market evolve and as a brand, we have grown with our customer to provide more and better quality of products, driven completely by consumer adoption and behaviour insights. We continue with the same approach to bring out futuristic products with modern technology, designed for the new age consumer, who seeks better comfort and is willing to invest in the same.

At present, Kurl-on has 138 “Kurlon Korner” and 42 “Kurlon Home” outlets in the Northern region. Overall, it has 920+ exclusive franchise outlets and 7000+ multi-brand outlet presence across the breadth and width of the country, making its products accessible to its customers easily.