LG engages trade partners

Launches engagement programme, "Buy LG Feel Lucky".
LG Electronics, in order to help boost dealer confidence, has unveiled an engagement programme, “Buy LG Feel Lucky”, specially designed for its trade partners. The event is in the form of lucky draws to be help at an interval of 48 hours and will feature prize distribution for reseller or system builders, who buy from LG authorised distributors. A total of 709 prizes are to be distributed to the lucky winners, with 574 LG Internal DVDRW, 123 LG 20” LED monitors and 12 LG Super Slim 22” HD LED monitors to be won during this programme.
To be eligible for the programme, the resellers will have to buy only two units from the authorised distributors every 48 hours and punch their data dedicated partner portal (www.lgchannels.in) daily. LG will announce 82 winners every 48 hours, 41 winners every week and 12 winners in this month.
Soon Kwon, President–South West Asia Region, and MD, LG India, said, “It’s a unique lucky draw programme being held at a massive scale. All dealers who buy minimum two units every day can participate in the lucky draw. LG ensures a fair and transparent lucky draw by calling eminent personalities in the IT Industry to conduct it. We expect more than 4,000 resellers and system builders to participate in this 16-day mega programme.”