Levi's introduces digital fitting experience for women to find their perfect size

Discover customized Levi's Curve ID Fit System for women on the web

INDIA, 20 Sep, 2010 –Levi’s – the original, definitive jeans brand launched the Levi’s Digital Fitting Experience, an interactive destination for women to explore their perfect – fitting jeans globally online. The Levi’s Digital Fitting Experience provides women with engaging content and personalized tools to set straight the process of finding perfect – fitting jeans based on their shape, not size.


Coalescing  the qualities of TV advertising, web content and tailored fit expertise, the Levi’s Digital Fitting Experience gives women all the tools they need to find the perfect fit for their unique body shape. Women will be able to identify their Levi’s CURVE ID fit by completing an interactive quiz and following a simple step-by-step measurement process. They can also engage in the inside story on the unique fit science through ‘behind the scenes’ interviews with Levi’s designers and some of the inspirational women who wear Levi’s CURVE ID jeans. Available in 50 countries and 20 different languages, the Levi’s Digital Fitting Experience will help to ensure women have the opportunity to find their perfect jeans fit from anywhere in the world. The content can be accessed via the levi.in home page by clicking on the Levi’s Curve ID campaign.