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Lladro plans to expand through shop-in-shop in tier II cities

Lladro, the Spanish luxury porcelain brand, has entered into a shop-in-shop arrangement with Ethos Swiss Watch Studios in Chandigarh.

June 17, 2008  |  comments ( 0 )  | 
Lladro, the Spanish luxury porcelain brand, has entered into a shop-in-shop arrangement with Ethos Swiss Watch Studios in Chandigarh. Ethos is a retail vertical of Kamla Dials & Devices. Lladro has seven exclusive brand outlets operational in Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Chennai, Kolkata and Bangalore. The company is planning to open five more exclusive outlets in the metros while they have plans to set up shop-in-shop retail formats in the tier II cities. Anisha Gaur, Manager, Retail Operations, Lladro, says, “The exclusive stores are flagship stores which create the complete brand experience including the perfect merchandise, music, customer service, etc. Our three-year plan for India will focus mainly in metros and mini metros and we will have our exclusive stores only in metros. The similar experience can be created through the correct partners and instead of waiting for 3-4 years to get into the market, it is prudent to move forward and start the brand interface in other markets apart from metros. Also the `personalization` on retail front is better provided through local partners who know the customers and accordingly respond to their needs.” The shop-in-shop arrangement provides a unique brand experience where the products are presented together showcasing different emotions and hence they have opted to create shop-in-shops and not just supply merchandise without being in control of how they will appear in front of the end-user. They will also consider retailing through MBOs that enjoy the patronage of their target customer and where they can have good brand representation. Anisha revealed that the company has been attaining a steady growth of about 35-40% per year in India. Through their collaboration with Ethos, they plan to tap the luxury market in Chandigarh. According to her, “The luxury consumer exists in all parts of India. The bigger markets of course are the big cities. Although New Delhi and Mumbai are the biggest markets for us, our Indian collection figurines (including Lord Ganesha, Goddess Lakshmi, Radha Krishna, etc) are highly appreciated by traditional Indian consumers, who might not be consuming a LV or Gucci. Hence markets like Kolkata and Chennai are also big markets for us.” The prices of Lladro range between Rs.5,100 to Rs.1 crore but in Chandigarh initially figurines will be starting from Rs.5,100 up to Rs.3 lakh . It is interesting to note that Lladro places the Asian market after Europe in generating the maximum sales revenue.

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