Lotto plans to re-enter with retail expansion

Looking forward to tap more consumer base, Italian sportswear

Looking forward to tap more consumer base, Italian sportswear brand Lotto is planning to enlarge its presence in India. Sports Lifestyle is the exclusive licensee for Lotto in India.

The company is planning to expand its retail presence to drive volume growth.

In Asia, India currently stands at number three after Japan and China in terms of turnover contribution to Lotto's global sales.

Since the Indian sale is increasing at 40% every year, the company is optimistic that in the next three years, it would be at par with Japan.

As a part of the expansion strategy, Lotto is working on a number of areas. The company is expanding the number of exclusive retail outlets across the country besides investing in marketing activities.

It is reported that the company has come forward to promote sports like tennis and soccer.

Lotto was a popular sportswear brand in country during 1990's, but went missing for almost ten years before making a re-entry into the Indian terrain through its agreement with Sport Lifestyle for next 15 years.