Marina Home enters Indian shores

Brings to India diverse home dcor solutions.


Marina Home, one of the world’s leading home interior brands, now brings to India diverse home décor solutions  for its premium customer base.To celebrate the monumental occasion Marina Home hosted a gala event which attracted the crème-de-la-crème of the social circuit of the city. 
The occasion  was also utilized for the launch of the Coffee Table Book  which showcased the history and heritage of the brand.
The event then moved onto an eclectic home décor themed fashion show headlined by acclaimed models Indrani Dasgupta and Lakshmi Rana showcasing fashionistas’ creations amalgamating home décor elements into fashion and lifestyle. 
Khurshid Vakil, Co-Founderand Executive Director, Marina Home Interiors Retail Chain said, “Marina Home is confident of addressing the needs of the emerging Indian sensibilities which demands niche products and cutting edge design elements to supplement their embryonic lifestyles. With the Indian market opening up and starting to accept varied brands and retailers, we think the time is right to introduce our exclusive offerings into the Indian home décor market.”
Sugato Bose, Country Head, Marina Home (India) said, “By bringing Marina Home to India we seek to open up a new dimension for exclusive home décor utilities in the widely unexplored Indian home market. It is by providing the discerning customer varied designs in home décor, that Marina Home endeavors to create a specific segment for luxe’ home accessories in the Indian market. The emerging tastes in the Indian market and the growing demand amongst Indian customers have encouraged us to explore this market, making it a natural progression for Marina as an international brand.”