McDonalds eyes double base by 2014

Plans to hire crew of over 6,500 employees for restaurants.
McDonald’s India (West & South) has unveiled its plans to hire a workforce of over 6,500 employees in the coming year. In order to facilitate this extensive recruitment drive, McDonald’s India will have a weeklong initiative called, ‘The Hiring Week’, which is scheduled in the first week of April 2012. This initiative will take place across McDonald’s restaurants in Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore and Hyderabad, and is open to all candidates who have passed their HSC (12th standard) and are 18 years or above across the country.
“With this hiring, McDonald’s India is looking to hire crew for all restaurant level positions,” says Seema Arora Nambiar, Director, People Resources, McDonald's India (West & South).
The hiring will be related to the company’s overall expansion plans. “Our expansion plans will include growth in the number of restaurants. McDonald’s has more than 250 restaurants serving over 6.5 lakh customers daily in India. In HRPL (West & South), we have approximately 150 restaurants. Our growth phase in India can be broadly categorised under ‘Build, Grow, Accelerate’ phases. We are now entering the ‘Accelerate’ phase, where we are looking at doubling the current base by 2014. This will be the largest number of restaurants opened in the last 15 years and accounts for two-third of the restaurants to be launched across the country,” says Amit Jatia, Vice Chairperson, McDonald's India (West & South).
The company, besides doubling the number of restaurants, is also looking to expand its base to new markets with increased market penetration as well as adding crew to the existing restaurants.