Mercedes-Benz performance drive initiative

Eberhard Kern inaugurates the first SUV Test Track in India.


Mercedes-Benz India announced the launch of India’s most comprehensive driving events platform: ‘Mercedes-Benz Performance Drive’. The launch of ‘Mercedes-Benz Performance Drive’ further reiterates the brand’s vision and pioneering initiatives for the Indian automobile enthusiasts. Being a performance brand, this one-of-its-kind driving platform from Mercedes-Benz India offers motoring enthusiasts an opportunity to hone their driving skills in progressive steps through certified programs conducted by certified global trainers.
Eberhard Kern, Managing Director & CEO, Mercedes-Benz India commented, “Mercedes-Benz has been a performance brand and committed to performance driving since the beginning of motorsports. Being a performance brand our engagements are not limited to race drivers alone but encompass motoring enthusiasts as well. In India, the ‘Mercedes-Benz Performance Drive’ will address people across interest levels and skill sets through multitude of engagement opportunities and further the spirit of motoring and performance driving. One may be an enthusiast desiring an adrenalin-fix
or seeking to experience the best of modern automobile technology; one may be a high flying corporate with the attitude best 
defined by 'Fast Life Fast Cars'. One may be an enthusiast seeking unique thrilling experiences- or a youngster with of dreams of the career on the race track: whatever the ambition or skill level, the customised driving programs under the 
umbrella ‘Mercedes Benz Performance Drive’ offers exciting possibilities. We are happy that this platform will address the needs of motoring enthusiasts and hope to be a catalyst in heralding the culture of performance driving in India.”
The Mercedes -Benz Performance Drive is a program that rests on the six key pillars which will ensure that people with different expectations and skill levels can engage effectively with Mercedes-Benz Performance Drive.
Mercedes was rated #1 ‘Most Exciting Brand in a Neilsen study published in January 2013. Over its 127 years of existence, Mercedes-Benz has retained its ‘contemporary’ appeal with focus upon its core values of passion, fascination and innovation. The ‘Mercedes-Benz Performance Drive’ is expected to further reinforce this imagery.