Metro Cash & Carry reduces store size

Plans to open its 16th outlet soon

Metro Cash & Carry, the German wholesale giant aims to shift its focus from large format to small format especially for Indian markets. The company has started its venture 10 years ago in India through large formats of 1.25 lakh sq ft stores now keen to reduce the store size to around 50,000 sq ft stores. “The need to shrink the store size is due to change in business focus. From a general wholesale operator, we have evolved into a multi-specialist wholesaler. In large formats, the company was stocking and selling 18,000 to 20,000 SKUs (stock keeping unit), in the small format, we plan to stock 8,000 to 10,000 SKUs mainly catering to local needs.” informed by the company in an official statement.

Presently, Metro Cash & Carry operates in 12 Indian cities through 15 stores.  Moreover, the company is all set to launch its 16th store in Bangalore city.