Microsoft to boost efficiency at FabIndia

Fabindia implemets the Microsoft SQL Server as the core Application Platform to Boost Performance, Speed Reporting, and Handle Data Growth.

Fabindia has embarked on an aggressive expansion plan to take the brand to tier II and III cities and expand its number of stores over the next three years. In this regard, the company needed better tools for integrating, processing, and analysing its growing data stores to aid in more-informed business decisions. The company deployed Microsoft SQL Server to gain a powerful and highly available data- processing foundation, easy-to-use business intelligence tools, and scalability into cloud environments.

Microsoft SQL Server data management software has enabled Fabindia to integrate its current 150+ stores PoS application databases into centralised information-sharing and business intelligence (BI) solution, creating a complete information value chain connecting suppliers and retail on the same platform.

A Fabindia spokesperson said, “We analysed and evaluated Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle as potential choices before finally selecting Microsoft SQL Server. Microsoft SQL Server has helped us create a single platform with data analysis, data integration, and data reporting capabilities. This solution has helped us easily analyse the health of each store and the overall business from multiple dimensions.”